Nissan Versa Lighting & Electrical Issues

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The center brake light on my 2007 Versa Sedan is dead. My other tail/brake lights work fine, just the center brake light is bad. I've looked and I can't figure out how to change it and the owner's manual is no help at all!
Can someone explain how to remove the old lap and replace it?


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    I had the same light go on my 2007 about a year ago. The lens had cracked and moisture got inside and killed the light. The whole unit had to be replaced. I'm not sure that just the LED's can be replaced as it seemed to be a sealed unit. The whole thing was held in by a double-sided tape. As I recall, the light unit was something like $120.

    I'm also going to rename this topic since I just noticed we don't have on for Versa electrical & lighting issues
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    Was that on the Sedan or the hatch back? Guess I'm going to have to get a DIY service manual book for this car. :D FWIW, I have the Sedan, not the hatchback.
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    Ah, mine is the hatchback. I imagine that the center brake light unit in the sedan is similar to the one on my Altima and the unit snaps into holes on the rear deck. Not sure if you can replace the blub(s) separately or need to replace the entire unit. Being that it's not an exterior light that's exposed to the elements, I'm guessing it's not sealed and there's a chance you may simply be able to remove it from the read deck and change out the lights.
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    Bought the car in March. Check engine light coming on. Had to dealer on and off for 1 month. Now dealer says that P050e P050a are cold start codes. They have to reprogram the ecm. Can anybody tell me what they have to do and how long does it take? Do they have to test drive it after reprogram if so for how long?
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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    Hard to say what exactly would cause that code. The codes are coming from exhaust gas temps being too low (or at least the computer thinks they're out of range) when you start up. So it could still be a range of things like a simple bad sensor, or not getting a complete burn of the fuel, which could be a more complex problem.

    Any other symptoms besides the light being on? (running rough, etc.) Since you say they're talking about reprogramming, it might just be some kind of computer error rather than a mechanical issue. To me, it sounds like they approaching it the right way though. Given the symptoms they have, start with the simpler (and less expensive) solution first.
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    I have a 2007 Nissan Versa, the first new car I ever bought. It has 87,000 miles on it. About a year ago, I started loosing the dash function buttons. First the bluetooth on the steering wheel, as well as the volume control. Then the warning flasher button-it works only intermittently, mostly not at all. The rear defogger quit working, and the wipers, when on, sometimes do a double swipe for no apparent reason. I also cannot get my driver's side window to go more than 1/3 of the way up when it's cold outside. My mechanic spent a whole day trying to figure out what was wrong, then referred me to the dealer. I'm taking it in to the dealer in a few days for a 130.00 diagnostic, but I am afraid the repairs are going to be more than I will be willing to pay. I'm tired of driving with a window that will not shut, and am unable to connect to my bluetooth, which was one of the things that I really liked when I bought it. :mad: I will certainly never buy a new car again, especially a Nissan Versa.
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    Update on my 2007 Versa electrical nightmare: now the radio comes on randomly, and I'm unable to turn it off.  The charging plug in is dead.  The other day my husband and I noted the driver side headlight was out but was working the following day.  And after spending 510.00 for a new driver window motor, it would not roll up several times last winter, and sounds like a screeching woman when I roll it up and down.   The engine runs great and I really like driving it.  But I am unloading it asap and will go back to a used Toyota.  It's everything I feared about buying a new car and getting burned with no recourse or remedy.

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