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  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    gives some spark to this page---cant wait for those suicide doors, diablo doors, and custom tail lights---you could call your car the inverted M or the 300W ;-)
  • neal038neal038 Posts: 2
    I just purchased an 01 300M Silver, loaded. I was wondering about splash guards. Do the after market ones fit as well as the Mopar ones fit? The dealer wants 80 bucks (not installed) so theres a big price difference here (30 bucks after market) Any input would be great!
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Posts: 958
    I think the GS light would look better on the M. But since it's your M, the IS 300, or RX300 light would look good. As for that gas door idea, that's intresting. I have never seen or head of somthing like that. Wouldn't the light look awkward. I mean would you see the gaps where it would swing open?
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    cant wait to see what happens when you go into a full service gas station and say "fill er up"--tell him you dont know where the filler is--its your brothers car----he'll have to call the owner over to help figure it out--should be good for a laugh--kind of like when you went into the dealer and told them they forgot to put rear door handles on the car-- :-)
  • avalanche165avalanche165 Posts: 558
    easy, LOL, thats not a bad idea, i'm gonna do that and record it on video, i'll upload it for u to watch, lol.

    fuzzy, yes there will be a gap, 2.12 cm. so u will not be able to see it at all. see the area behind the tailight, like on the left tailght, it will be curved to go right, so they will open like a swinging door. see what i mean? there is no gap raelly, that area will be filled with a skinny rubber liner anyway. its hard to explain, as you can tell, but don't wry i'll have mucha muhca pics as normal...
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    I think you meant to say 2.12mm--if it were cm, it would be almost an inch--kind of a BIG gap
  • avalanche165avalanche165 Posts: 558
    damn your right, it is pretty big.
  • avalanche165avalanche165 Posts: 558
    no more grafting in new tailights, just goign for jewel ones and will play around with those for a bit. the shaved gas door and trick hinge lights are still a go, and suicide doors of course.
  • ivylotusivylotus Posts: 1
    I have seen links to places that provide stick-on real wood for accents. But I'd *love* to replace the fake plastic wood on my 2000 300M with real wood, like they wisely did on the 2001 models. Does anyone out there do that?


  • avalanche165avalanche165 Posts: 558
    why not just buy the wood out of a 2001? should fit prefectly im your 2000.
  • dsign4udsign4u Posts: 2
    I just ordered the rear spoiler for my '00 M and would like to integrate a rear brake light into it and will cover over the existing light (I feel it needs to be longer and narrower like the Cadillac but lack the body shop tools to do the job right). I found a Jimmy and Aztek LED but they are a little tall and expensive. Has anyone else tried this and how did you attach it?
  • dsign4udsign4u Posts: 2
    I just talked to my dealer today about replaceing the plastic with Chrysler wood on my '00. The only way to do it is to order a whole door panel at $480 a pop - might as well buy an '01.
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    Someone posted on this subject recently. Here is a product I can personally vouch for, having just installed one on my M.

    I "won" one on an EBay auction for a pretty good price, compared to the asking price.

    The visor is very substantial, not flimsy like some of these things that stick on with adhesive. The mounting consists of 2 simple clips, but the visor is very sturdy once installed and cinched down. It has a heavy duty rubber gasket that prevents scratching and finishes off the installation very nicely. It really fits the shape of the sunroof too.

    I think it's a resonable value, even at the retail asking price.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I have a wing for my M with a built in 15" LED light. I agree with you on the trunk mounted one. Mine is going to be covered up too.
  • hi there can any one tell me a bout any accessories for my 1999 300m and the wooden steering wheel and the auto stick you know which one i mean
  • everyone here *(just about)* mods there M's, accessories, and custom. check out some of the websites for more info...


    300michaels: (his is a 99)

    there are several other pages also, come to the general chat if you like, most ppl dont even check these anymore.

    also, steering wheel and chrome shifter were new for 01, u can get them from you local 5* dealer. however, it'll probably cost u a pretty penny or two. ebay is another option.

  • hi 300 m fan's
    does any one know how can i get the hood scoop for my car and the Throttle Body (62mm to 69mm)how much $ and how to get all of the stuff
  • Has anybody lowered or tried to lower thier car?
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    yes to both of you, just ask your questions in the regular sedans board (the one with ten thousand msgs) and theyll answer those questions.

  • Two things if you will:
    1. I was wondering has attempted to replace the standard front headlights with a blue/white bulb. I have been unable to find a match (ie:9006xs) but the guys at the auto store say that a 9006xx will fit fine. However, I read in another news group that the 300M only take straight bulbs and not the 90 degree bulb. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    2. I also read in another news group a horiffic story about someone's 300M which included a front end shudder that the dealer refused to recognize or repair. I have the same symptoms when breaking. Any experience with this or thoughts?

    Thanks all!
  • josterholtjosterholt Posts: 11
    I have a 99 300M with a tan interior. The steering wheel is dark tan, but by now, it is very badly worn from usage. Has any one found a solution either in replacement, a nice cover (not a crappy one), or a way to restore it?


  • josterholtjosterholt Posts: 11
    I want to change out the exhaust on my 99 300M. Any suggestions?


  • jona57jona57 Posts: 194

    Wheelskins seems to make a nice aftermarket wheel cover. It requires installation, not just stretching or snapping on. The ultimate result depends upon your ability to thread the stitching (a bit like re-lacing a baseball glove). I think someone on has some pictures posted of his redone steering wheel, & it looks quite nice. He chose a 2-tone color scheme.

  • gruschusgruschus Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of a group doing aftermarket front grills? A nice cromed bar grill would look great on these cars.
  • vap0rvap0r Posts: 3
    Anyone slapped these on to a special yet? Curious about how rotor friendly they are and if it reduces your daily wheel cleanings ??
  • trashman2trashman2 Posts: 44
    my local 5 star price 25.00 each anybody know of a better price.
  • 78887888 Posts: 12
    I have the tan interior and desperately need to change my steering wheel. Where can I get a nice wooden steering wheel to fit my '99 300M. Thanks!
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