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99 Astro wont start

bamababybamababy Member Posts: 1
I just bought this van. I test drove it for 3 hours. Ran great. (sticky gas pedal sometimes ..but ) I went to the store twice. The hospital. My dads. All places I stopped and restarted the car. And it fired right up perfect. Ran perfect. On the way home I had a hard shift and my check engine light came on.. (my luck) I looked the code up it was for my transmission slipping. (I will work on that later). Got up the next day (yesterday) went to start the car. Wont start. Turns over fine just wont start. Sounds fine just wont start. Added more gas (had 1/8 of a tank) thinking I was out but that's not it. Checked the fuses and dont have anything blown. Have no idea what it might be but I have to figure it out fast or I lose my job. Any ideas on what to check??
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