2005 Chrysler Town and Country Whining Noise

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I have a 2005 Town and Country with 226K miles on it. Several months ago, I noticed when coming off the interstate and turning that the steering made a really loud whining noise. It would go away on it's own after driving at slower speeds for a few minutes. I thought it was the power steering pump. Fluid level was fine. If the van was driven around town, it would make no noise, only after coming off the interstate - from highway speeds. Now it seems to be getting worse - it makes the noise when accelerating and turning - again only after being driven at higher speeds. If you start it up and just go around town you won't hear a peep out of it. The steering is fine and other than the noise the van is perfect. My husband decided after looking at the pump that he does not want to attempt changing it himself so she's going to the dealer tomorrow - which I'm dreading. Any ideas? The service guy over the phone said maybe just a pulley going bad?


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    I had the same problem 2 years ago. My mechanic replaced the fluid in the tank with something and it stopped the loud growling and whining noise until lately and the noise returned. He told me there was a bulletin about this problem since then, and supposedly there is a screen/filter in the tank and if it picks up any trash it can stop up and starve the pump for fluid. He ordered a new tank for it.....about $38....and will install it today and we will see if that cures the problem. The mystery of this is where would trash come from to stop up the screen in the tank? Some theories are that it might come from the hoses? I am just replacing the tank, not the hoses, on his advice.
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    I know in the 2004 T & C there was a service bulletin out that a similar noise created when turning the wheel at slow speeds could be eliminated by replacing a 3 inch hose leading into the cooling coil (? located under the car directly behind the engine and in the center) with a three foot house. My mechanic dug it up when trying to diagnose a similar problem. Said it fixed the problem. Mine is making the same noise and plan to do the same.
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    Just fixed mine by replacing the PS fluid reservoir. It cost $30 for the part and is relatively easy for an experienced backyard mechanic to change. There is a YouTube video that details the whole procedure:
    Easy stuff! Once you know :)
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    I have the same car and the same problem or so it sounds. After reading the threads on most of the solutions the thing in common was after replacing pump, reservoir, etc. the fluid was changed. Got me thinking so I bought a $5 syphon and 2 bottles of Chrysler tranny fluid (the recommended fluid for Chrysler power steering pumps). I syphoned all the fluid out of the reservoir and refilled, drove around and repeated. The noise went away for about 40,000 miles then came back. Same fix, same result. I don't know how the fluid gets contaminated but it seems to. Hope this helps and is a cheap solution.
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    So glad to see all these post. In am having the same issue. Curious if everyone's issue was resolved with replacing the pump?
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    I have the same issue with my 99 limited.power steering work fine but it sounds like when is empty.is loud since day one.
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