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Electronic Parking Brake EPB with CVT experience

yellow2004cabyellow2004cab Member Posts: 2
Subaru shows the EPB as a convenience feature on the 2011 Legacy.
Yes, it's something new to get used to (or to get frustrated about).
Do you have a CVT and do you use the EPB when needed ?
Have there been any realworld failures of the EPB ? What's your experience ?
Thank you.


  • easypareasypar ColoradoMember Posts: 191
    The last parking brake I set was on a '66 Chevy Malibu when the Air Force sent me to upstate New York in the late '60s. Moisture got on the brake cables and froze overnight. I haven't set once since and haven't had any problems with any of my vehicles. On any incline I curb my front wheels though and I don't park on real steep inclines, except in San Francisco.
  • glockrockglockrock Member Posts: 1
    I use the electronic parking brake on my 2011 Legacy Ltd. every time I get out of the car. Flawless through 31,700 miles, or 2 years.
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