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Chrysler T&C 2011 - Clears Addresses and Radio

meijhanameijhana Member Posts: 2
We have had our 2011 Town and Country for 4 months now.

The problem we are havign is that the Nav system will occassionally, on start-up, lose all saved addresses including Home address. In addition, the saved favorite radio stations will be cleared.

The music we have saved to the hard drive is unaffected. The list of bluetooth linked devices is unaffected.

This has happened at least 6 times so far and is getting annoying. Our dealership has not heard of anyone else havign this problem.

We suspect it is related to when switching from Driver 1 to 2 or back but have not been able to fully prove this.

I am already not impressed with the nav system and the voice recognition part of things and this is not helping.

Any one else have a similar thing happen?



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    jsgibsonjsgibson Member Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    We have lost our home address on one occasion in our T&C with the 730N nav. None of our other saved POI's, music on HD, sat radio favorites, etc. were affected. We do not have the driver select option so at least in our case it's not related to that.

    When I take my vehicle in for it's first oil change I'll ask them if there are any software updates available. Occasionally the nav map will fail to scroll while we're driving which forces you to zoom in/out to refresh it. Other than that and being locked out of the POI's while in motion we're pretty happy with the nav (again, we have the 730N, not the garmin 430N version).
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    minderaserminderaser Member Posts: 2
    Yes, this has happened to us a few times. We have 'lost' the home address on the NAV, but the occurrence is sporadic. I am not sure what the cause is. I haven't brought this up with the dealership yet, because they are a pain to deal with.
    I have another issue, and I am wondering if the folks here have the same issue.
    I am not able to preset any FM channels. It simply doesn't work, and this is frustrating. Has this happened to you?
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    meijhanameijhana Member Posts: 2
    Our only solution to the radio/GPS issues was to replace the entire unit. The original radio/GPS unit would randomly clear addresses. The second radio/GPS unit did not have a functioning Bluetooth and we could not connect a phone to it (the connect button was unselectable). The third unit seems to function just fine. We have had it almost a year with no issues other then the fact that working through voice activation stuff is a pain ("call husband mobile" "Call alice?" "Correction. Call husband mobile" "Call sandy home?" "No you piece of &^%$. Call husband mobile" "Call mom work").

    So basically, get them to put in a new radio unit. It may take more then one try to get one that fully functions. We had to kick and scream to get them to replace it the first time since it was not an issue we could make happen in the dealership parking lot. The second time was much easier.

    Good luck.
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