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Drive-Line Vibration

wings8823wings8823 Member Posts: 19
I bought a 2011 SEL and notice a vibration after completing sharp turns. When I say "sharp turns" I am referrring to slow 90 degree turns such as driving out of a driveway onto a two lane street.

The vibration occurs after the car is tracking straight at a speed of 10 - 15 MPH. The vibration can be felt slightly in the accelerator pedal. The vibration almost sounds like a CV Joint.

A friend has a Toyota Avalon. When driving their car, I noticed the same exact sound under the same conditions.

Being that these cars have front-wheel drive lines, I'm wondering if this just one of the characteristics of a front-wheel drive design.

Has anyone else encountered the same? Thanks for the reply


  • wings8823wings8823 Member Posts: 19
    My Taurus is a new 2011 SEL with 3556 miles. The above described vibration has been doing this since I drove the car off the lot.

    Thanks for any feedback.
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Member Posts: 468
    This has nothing to do with front wheel drive- we have four of those. The Taurus has a fuel saving strategy involving fuel cut-off and the transmission. It's in the owner's manual. Maybe yours is not working properly. Mine feels like the car is being held back, but I"m used to it.
  • wings8823wings8823 Member Posts: 19
    Thanks for the feedback. Obviously our cars do have "four" wheels.

    My post does, in fact, directly relate to the "front wheels" drive-line. If you read carefully, the 'vibration' occurs (sometimes) after making a sharp 90 degree turn and...sometimes can be felt ever so slightly in the accelerator pedal. That may have been the reason for your "guess" regarding the "fuel saving" feature.

    For anyone who has or is experiencing the issue that I have described, it is normal for many "front-wheel" drive vehicles. I went by my Ford Dealership and took a Ford technician for a "test-drive."

    The front wheel drive axles serve a "dual" purpose..... having "CV Joints" that allow the front "steer wheels" to turn while the axles transmit power from the transmission to the front wheels.

    To smplify the topic.... there can sometimes be "intermittent" vibration in the front drive-line (axles) from making "sharp turns" as a result of the axles sliding (slightly) on the connecting "splines" as the axles move up and down with the suspension. Usually this goes away as a new car's suspension "breaks-in' as with the engine and everything else with a "new car."

    If the vibration continues (or gets worse), the splines may need grease applied to the connecting "axle splines."
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Member Posts: 468
    When I said we have four of those, I meant four front wheel drive cars. What about the power steering pump or a slipping belt. And I don't think you can say this is normal for front wheel drive cars. I have owned over ten front wheel drive cars, and haven't had what you describe.
  • wings8823wings8823 Member Posts: 19
    Good that you have not experienced the issue that I described. It's not something that is major.

    What about the power steering pump? If that malfunctions, you would experience difficulty in steering... very difficult to turn the steering wheel.

    Anyway, this is not intended to be a guessing game or a debate. I went to my Ford Dealership to get an answer.

    By the way, the front axle section where the two halves of the front drive axles slide on a spline as the suspension moves up and down has a sealed rubber boot, packed with grease from the factory. So the splines are lubricated.

    Plain and simple.... That's all. Enjoy your Taurus!!! It's a great car!
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