Can I put Exterior wheelchair lift on my Fusion

brainychick77brainychick77 Member Posts: 1
I have a 2007 Ford Fusion SE. I am purchasing a motorized wheelchair for my father and would like to use my car to transport it. I want to get an exterior wheelchair lift and use it. Basically it attaches to a hitch and it holds the wheelchair at bumper level while driving.

I was reading in my owner's manual and it said that there are no towing packages available for the Fusion and it isn't recommended. When I researched it online it said I should be ok as long as the load isn't over 1000lbs. The total weight of the wheelchair and chair lift would be about 350lbs. I do know that the lift I am looking into purchasing would need a class II or III hitch.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments that might be helpful. I certainly don't want to tear up my car and I can't afford to get another one.

I am getting a hoveround wheelchair. If anyone would like to see exactly what I referring to the lift that I plan to get it is on the hoveround website and is called the hoverlift. Thanks.


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