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inside lights

my inside lights do not come on when the door opens. The lights on the doors come one but all the other inside lights do not come on. The instrument panel lights come on when the door opens but not the map lights or the rear lights light come on. If you push the lights they will come on so that tells me this is not a fuse issue not is this a door switch issue. Why will my inside lights not come on when I open the door or use the remote to unlock the doors? This is driving me crazy. Please help!!!!


  • jmillerjmillerjmillerjmiller Posts: 113
    edited November 2011
    Sounds like the lights are set to off versus door. I'll disable mine in summer to keep from luring all the bugs in.

    On the accord sedan, there is a recessed slider switch to the right of the one that operates the moonroof on the overhead console - that has to be slid to enable the map lights to work with the doors.

    The back seat overhead light also has a slider on it that has off / door / on positions - put it in the middle for 'door'. That sets it to go on and off when the doors are opened and closed.

    There is a time delay after closing the doors before the lights fade out.

    In the past domestic brands never had switches on the dome lights themselves, but they are common on import brands and newer domestic cars.
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