Transmission service on old Avalon

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I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon running at 190k. The transmission fliud is dark and the dealer recommends to do the service. Do I need to do the flush or just replace the fluid? If replace the fluid, how often (or how many miles) I need to repalce again? thanks all for the suggestions!


  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Member Posts: 149
    How frequently have you been changing/replacing the fluid? My 2003 Avalon only has 120,000 miles, but I replace the fluid every 50K. There is a lot of misinformation regarding alleged issues with a transmission flush, some of it unfortunately perpetuated by Toyota dealers. I highly recommend Tuffy's for this service - which removes completely the tired, old fluid, replacing it with almost 100% of new lubricant. My last charge was $137.
  • noise123noise123 Member Posts: 2
    thanks for the information. The last time I replace fluid is 150k, and now it's 190k. I heard some people said if flush the old transmission (100% fluid replacement) it may damage the transmission, but if I just drain and replace, it will be less than half fluid be replaced.
  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Member Posts: 149
    Part of the fable about damaged transmissions resulting from a flush derives from a change by Toyota to synthetic transmission fluid in the mid-2000's. Without going into lurid details, you can't get a flush at Toyota.

    Tuffy claims their flush is "gentle" and does not disturb varnishes that might otherwise clog filters or orifices. I have no idea whether this is true, but my flushes have been without incident.

    Your fluid should not be dark. It probably has a burned smell as well. If so, drive directly to Tuffy's! Good luck - the Avalon is a great car that seems to improve as it gets older.
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    There is much mis-/dis-information with regard to transmission fluid (changing, flushing, volume, etc) in all makes/models. Every car-related forum I have ever read has a topic/thread on this subject. The simple and best answer is to change your trans fluid on a regular recommended interval, just like you change your oil. My 2003 Avalon owners manual says the volume is 5 US quarts. Also says do it every 30k miles. It all (approx 98%, my estimate), comes out with each draining. Replace the old 5 with 5 new ones, button it up and be on your way...simple. I use a quality, recommended fluid, preferably Mobil 1 synthetic. Costs about $6/qt or $30. I do it myself so the savings may not work for everyone.

    So... NEVER pay ANYONE to 'flush' the trans unless you just want to throw away money! Bottom line.
  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Member Posts: 149
    How do you drain the torque converter? That's the true bottom line.
  • 03avalon03avalon Member Posts: 9
    Transmission and differential drain together.
  • 2000avalonmp2000avalonmp Member Posts: 1
    my 2000 Avalon XLS got Toyota service where they flushed the transmission fluid. 179000 miles, no problems until AFTER Toyota Dealer flushed the fluid! Help! Now they recommend replacement of the Transaxle at $3000+. Feel like I have been scammed by a dealer. Any suggestions or recommendations?
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