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Ford Focus Care & Maintenance



  • rwgreenbergrwgreenberg Posts: 154
    Hi. I have a 2001 Focus ZX3 and a couple of weeks ago realized that the AC was not what is used to be. I found a local shop that specializes in auto AC. Brought the car in and he recharged the system for 50 bucks (while I waited!). Seems to have done the trick. I am most pleased that I actually found someone to do something on the car at a reasonable cost...and it works to boot! Amazing.
  • jdlaymanjdlayman Posts: 1
    I experienced the exact same problem with our 2001 SE around 55k miles. We are a married couple with no kids so our rear power windows are rarely ever used. Last year the driver's side rear became stuck most of the waay down and the motor quit working. We were leaving for a trip that day so we had no choice but to make a quick trip to the Ford dealer and almost $400 later it was fixed. Now tonight, the opposite window did the exact same thing. Seems like defective parts to me but I'm sure the Ford dealer will think otherwise. If we used the windows alot I could remotely understand but these windows have probably been up and down less than a dozen times since we bought the car. I am very unsatisfied.
  • I'm having the same problem, did you ever get an answer?
  • loolalaloolala Posts: 19
    I had the same repair on my 2000 ZX3 (5 speeds) about six months ago. Thought I had more than 90K at the time. I found it leaking parked at work, and I went straight to my Mechanic, and it didn't leak when it got there. It turns out to be a small crack that wouldn't leak when it's hot. I got it replaced for about $200 total, and so far, it's the only repair out of my pocket on the car (now over 100K). The other one I don't want to deal with is the rear wiper went dead, but I don't use it much!
  • chrisnj1chrisnj1 Posts: 13
    I just bought my son a 2001 Focus SE with 37000 miles. The car is in great shape. Guess what.................. The only issue my mechanic found was a cracked thermostat housing. It is made of plastic.
  • nyfocus1nyfocus1 Posts: 11
    I posted this under the general Focus forum as well:

    This is the 6th summer I had the car & this year the A/C is killing my performance. The car struggles to get out of its own way and on steeps hills it will actually lose speed (it never did that before). My MPG has dropped from 30 to about 24-25. While the A/C has always taken its toll, this year is by far worse than any other year.

    The car runs great when the A/C is off. I had a tune-up several months ago – new plugs, wires, air & fuel filter, etc. The A/C was fully recharged to eliminate any issues with it “cycling” on & off to frequently. The A/C itself works great – the air is plenty cold & cools the car in no time.

    Normally I would just say the car is getting old but when the A/C is off, it runs (almost) like new.
  • melhalemelhale Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where and how you put the freon in a 2003 Ford Focus?
  • Hi. I recently had freon added to my 2001 ZX3. The mechanic searched and searched and finally referred to his computer guide. Anyway, the frean went into a port that was located behind the front passenger tire. He had to remove the tire and a bit of plastic around the wheel well to get to it.
  • i found a large puddle of water in my v reg ford focus this morning but cant see where any water could of leaked in from. can anyone give me and ideas of what the problem my be. thanks
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    Where on the floor? Front, back, driver's side, passenger's side. What is a v reg ford focus? A better explanation of exactly where the water is will help forum members help you with your problem.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    were you useing the A/C?
  • the water was on the floor on the passenger side and also on floor in back behind passenger seat.

    No i'd never used the A/c in my car
  • thenuttthenutt Posts: 1
    You should check to see if your trunk is wet as well. I know my boyfriend just got a 2007 Focus SE and we found out after having it only a week that the back window is leaking into the trunk, and then down on to the floor of the car. :| Not Impressed. Ford still hasn't given a solution and still has his car for another day. :mad:
  • I am now having this problem. Did anyone get an answer on how to find the fuse? Thanks!
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    I've had this hollow sounding low pitch howl coming from the front end. I bought new tires and have rotated them but still hear the noise. Wondering if it could be the break rotors but I've replaced them as well.
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    I get the impression, the Focus is a poor to average car in the reliability area. I realize in the early years the Focus had more problems. I'm curious about people who own Focus's from year 2004 to present.

    Is there any Focus owner out there who have had good
    reliable (trouble free) service to 100K or more?
  • I suspect that the front wheel bearings may need some attention. I don't see any thing mentioned about said bearings requiring repacking.

    I've had no engine or trans problems with my Focus wagon with 71K on it. However, the thermostat housing cracking and the fan assembly for the radiator needing to be replaced did not score points with me.

    After five yeas of owing it I give the Focus a C plus, maybe a B minus.

    The best I ever got on the highway was 34 mpg driving west to east; several tanks full were clocked at 32 on the same drive from San Diego to Austin, TX. I suspect a tail wind from the west helps.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,735
    how many are going to have an '04 or newer with a 100k or more miles on it?
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • fordfoolfordfool Western New YorkPosts: 240
    the water was on the floor on the passenger side and also on floor in back behind passenger seat.

    This is a very common Focus problem caused by a poor seal on the cover of the cabin air filter (not the same as the engine air filter).

    Typically the problem occurs after the car has been serviced. The cabin air filter cover is removed to access the filter and then replaced without being properly sealed. The cover is in the passenger side outside air vent (where the windshield wipers are). Rain leaks past the cover into the passenger foot well.

    link title
  • I too am having that problem. did you ever you get an answer?
  • I have this same issue. What is the fix? How much is the cost?

    The blower doesn't work on 1, 2 and 3 speeds...but the A/C compressor engages! On speed 4, the blower activates, but the A/C compressor disengages! What the ????
  • I had the same problem on my 2000 LX and took it to a dealer and they removed the whole box,I guess there a couple of bolts beneath it that let you take the box out of the car and then you can access the bottom of the screws you cant get ahold of
  • Thanks for this.This is exactly what has happened to me.I will be back at the dealership tomorrow. They need to do a better job first time!! :sick:
  • jdog29jdog29 Posts: 1
    I Just had the same problem on my 2002 focus SE, and also in simalar situation. I drove round trip from Dallas to MT in July 2006. My car had 60,000 miles on it when I returned to Dallas. Once back in Dallas, I changed the brakes, oil, and did a radiator flush using the prestone radiator flush. I then drove all the way back to Montana w/ no problems. 2 days after arriving in MT I noticed a puddle in the driveway. It doesn't leak while the engine is warm, but if left to sit cold it will lose almost a liter/day. I searched and searched and finally found the source (thermostat). That is how I found your message. I bought the "melenium platinum" warranty from the dealership, but i still have to take the car in to see if it is an approved repair. Even then there is a $100 deductable on my plan. I'm thinking about just replacing it my self. I do still refill and drive my car w/ no problems, I just wanna get it fixed before the freezing weather sets in.
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    We bought it two weeks after Sept 11th when the American car companies rolled out the zero financing offers. We just made the last payment this week. Our Focus SE wagon has 71K on it.

    For a small car I appreciate the utility of its interior with the back seats down. Most SUV have little utility in this regard as witnessed in my son's SUV.

    Friends of mine bought an 01 Focus, the first year they came out, I think, and had numerous problems with it and recalls. I have had the trans casing replaced when it was fairly new due to a hairline crack, at no cost. In my previous post I pointed out the two cooling system problems I had in June.

    We paid 17K for the car. I got a $600. discount through a retired Ford worker buddy on the X Plan or whatever it's called. I'm a bit puzzled at the price of the car in 01 as the Focus seems to be selling at a lower price now.

    I tend not to get very ego involved with my cars, so I believe I can give an honest appraisal of it, as I do with places I visit. I would probably give my Focus wagon a C plus. I give it a higher grade for its fuel milage; I got as high as 34 to several tanks driving through the SW. I clock most of the fill ups to have an idea if there is a problem by noting a drop in fuel milage. I give it a B plus on the highway and B minus in the city for fule milage. Actually, any vehicle that can get in the mid 30s on the highway probably should rate an A minus.

    I doubt if I would buy another Focus, not so much that I am disappointed with the car but that I prefer something larger for highway driving, even a mini van. I had a 86 Honda Accord that I put 200K on with major repairs beginning at 90K (alternator, water pump, trans replacement) to 140K. The AC system on the Accord went out when it was five years old; too early in my book.

    If I went with another new Ford I might pick a Fusion. Click and Clack on NPR say the Ford 500 is a solid car, but they really killed the styling from the original design I saw at the Detroit Auto Show around five years ago.

    Grade C on the Focus, as I said.
  • My 2000 ZX3 (automatic) with 45,000 miles has developed a miss so I replaced the spark plugs now it runs without the miss. But a recent check of MPG shows only about 21 MPG, when new the MPG was 25. I suspect the throttle body; has anyone had a similar experience?
  • kcnnc1kcnnc1 Posts: 1
    In the past three weeks I've heard a "rumbling" noise under the hood whenever I start the car in the morning. In PARK and REVERSE I notice it the worst and only when the engine is cold. First, I thought it was bad tires since I first noticed the rumbling after I got out on the road. But then I noticed it just sitting still. As soon as the engine warms up though, the noise goes away. Anyone have a clue on this one? I'm trying to decide whether to repair or just trade my car for a Honda or Toyota. After my Focus had a lot of major repairs (under warranty, thank goodness and too numerous to count) it has runs wonderfully, but now...this. Thanks!
  • i just have a quick question how do you take the stereo out?
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    My 01 Focus has 72K on it. I'm wondering if it is time to change the struts as it sometimes seems to have a bit of a wobble at high speed.

    Does the Focus have struts or shocks?

    I also notice that it has a squeak in the suspension when I get in and out.

    If I need struts/shocks should all four be replaced together. What am I looking at to replace two or all four?
  • Hope you found info before now, but am having the same problem. I understand that the solution is to open up fuse panel cover, see two hold down screws on the fuse block itself. Remove these two screws and flip the fuse block over! There is one 20 amp fuse located on the back of the fuse block! Replace blown fuse, replace fuse block if you can still find the two screws, and... viola! My dealer wanted to rewire the system for $1,500! Go figure...hope this helps.
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