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Nissan Juke Maintenance and Repair

Owned this car for 10 days. The day after I drove off the lot I noticed a loud noise from the engine. Returned to dealer and told the car had a leak from the CVT. Apparently coming from the tunnel through the transfer case, warranty replacement of drive pinion seal and axel seal.

How serious a problem is this ?


  • marylandjukemarylandjuke Posts: 14
    edited March 2012
    This time it was the Turbo Air Intake Sensor.. Or the faulty connection/weld in and around the sensor.. I took the Juke to the dealer only to have the dealer tell me I'd have to wait for the parts. Being that they are on back order. Yet while at a number of forums and sites like facebook, Users where panicking.. claiming the Juke would as they put it "blow up". The dealer assured me and even shown me the location of the sensor so I could keep and eye on things. Mind you.. Here is where the lose of communicate ends.. The sensor would not simply brake off or become dislodged.. a down force is needed to fracture this area. IE the loosing and tightening of the bolt associated with the engine cover. So simply getting into your Juke and starting it up will not cause a breakage. However, If your Juke has seen the repair shop and this connection has become weak.. then you will need to keep an eye on it. I've posted a picture of the affected area on my blog along with a few notes of past and current blogs.
  • marylandjukemarylandjuke Posts: 14
    edited March 2012
    Facebook "Nissan Juke" Page Followers Are unaware of this third recall.. After posting my results of having our Juke Inspected, a number of readers indicated that they never received a recall notice or never knew about this recall. Users/readers are simply growing robotic and without feeling.. Clicking "like" in an effort to simply gain more friends or followers.. I've complain to a number of sites about they way they handle their own pages be it here or facebook.. These so called "official" pages are nothing more then someone who created a page to assume another users identity.. Asking silly questions or posting un-relevant comments on their pages.. Scrolling back.. The nissan Juke page never posted an official noticed to readers indicating that there was in fact a recall. Simply going through the motions without feelings or thought. They say when the fun runs out.. you seek something new and different.. I for one have closed my blog page because it simply wasn't getting the attention necessary to suit my needs.. Although I've saved my blog posts.. I'll seek to locate a new blog site and repost past blogs. One thing that I've noticed missing here.. is the one arae where user of this site could post blogs etc within their pages.. was this removed for some reason?.. I personally would like this option returned..
  • I spent a whole 2 hours at the Nissan Dealer repairing the last of my 5 recalls.. What kept me going was the fact that one of the service managers was an avid car addict. We talked the whole time while I was there.. old cars new cars cars from our past and even threw around a few ideas.. (Snorkel Mod) he even admits that the juke could have been built better or just that many owners are not willing to stay committed to the juke and wait things out. "It's still early" he said.. and I agree.. But here is where things get tricky for us.. Twice now someone (one of the dealers my wife has went to speak with about getting rid of the Juke) has called us and offered 19,500 for our Juke.. (We still owe 20,000 on it) We have yet to take this dealers offer and it does sound to good to be true.. But yesterday when shutting down my sites and leaving Juke forums.. I get another email.. and it was totally unexpected.. Seems another aftermarket car company is interested in what we have in ind for our Juke.. and they submitted an application for us to fill out. The Application basically asks: What are our plans, what products are we planing on installing on the Juke and how would help advertise the use of their products is they decide to up us out. I mean I was that close yesterday in going over to our sign shop and have them create a car wrap that looked like a lemon, putting it on the Juke and taking it back to the dealer.. So we have yet to decide what is best for the both of us.
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