Transmission hesitates

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2003 2wd with 105K miles. Warm or cold, when shifted into Drive or Reverse the selected gear partially "engages" and then suddenly fully finishes engaging. The problem has been present for about 15-20K miles. Transmission fluid and filter have been changed. Did not see any foreign material in the pan, fluid, on or the magnet. Once first is fully engaged, ALL other gears are fine and the transmission shifts up and down perfectly. Thoughts?


  • ncostelloncostello Member Posts: 11
    Check TPS (Throttle position sensor) for smooth and linear electrical response over the entire range of motion. If not, replace.

    EPC (Electronic Pressure Control) solenoid failed. Easy fix, in trnsmission pan. Fix as soon as possible or hard to access parts will eventually break.

    Shift kinkage could be binding or worn out.

    Spped sensor could be faulty.(located above the starter, I think)

    I do have some questions. Do yoou have a check engine light on? Be absolutely sure the fluid level is correct.(check with engine on, flat and level surface)

    When you changed filter and fluid was there any material ordebis in the filter? Please let me know how it tuns out.
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    Did not cut up the filter. Put a scanner on it and what data is available looks okay. Shift data is correct, no codes, good fluid level, Wix filter, etc. If a speed sensor, wheel speed sensor, shift selector data, or other indicators were at fault, it would show. I DO agree that the EPC may be faulty, but wouldn't that lead to other symptoms?

    BTW, I am experienced in mechanical stuff EXCEPT automatic transmissions. Without THOSE tools, parts washers, etc., and no need in the past, never felt the need. Manuals yes, autos no.
  • ncostelloncostello Member Posts: 11
    If your shift linkage is binding or the timing is off it would not "throw" a code. There is a procedure for re-timing the shift linkage to the transmission. Let me know if your interested.
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