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Ranger 2.3L ticking

oldschoolltdoldschoolltd Member Posts: 2
I have a 2001 Ranger and there is a ticking coming from the back of the intake manifold by the firewall. There is a valve or solenoid that is the source of the noise. This device has a hookup to both electrical and vacuum. The noise has been there since about 140k miles and I am now at 221k miles. The truck runs good and the mileage has stayed the same since I purchased it new. Can you tell me what this item does and is it detrimental to the function of the vehicle if it ticks? It is more annoying than anything and I am wondering how long before it fails. Thanks in advance.



  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    At 221,000 miles, why don't you give that poor truck a treat and replace this thing? An Autozone counter man would probably be happy to walk out and look at this thing, and they probably have a replacement.
  • oldschoolltdoldschoolltd Member Posts: 2
    I probably should and will eventually. However, I just had the intake and cam cover off to replace some gaskets and really do not want to tear into it so soon after the first go around last summer. This replacement requires either elves to do it carefully, or the intake to come off again :)

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