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  • joed7joed7 Member Posts: 3
    We purchased a new Toyota Corolla in April of 2008 from a dealership in south central Mexico called QUERÉTARO TOYOTA. After applying for credit late on a Saturday afternoon we discovered the cashier's office was no longer open so we agreed with the salesman that he would hold the car in the dealership´s system until the Monday following the weekend whereupon we would pay the hold fee and down-payment. However, when my wife arrived on the Monday morning, the car had already been sold. No excuse was ever offered for this. (Eventually another was ordered which we purchased.)

    Since the time of purchase we have experienced one problem or the other every time we bring the car in for servicing. One of the most incredible incidents occurred when after a servicing, we noted on the mechanic's report that "each" of the 4 brakes all were evaluated at 50% of life left. Not believing this possible as the car is not driven a great deal by my wife, we took the vehicle to an independant garage where the front brakes were evaluated as having 80% of wear left and the rear ones 90%. When the manager of the dealership had his head mechanic check the brakes again the evaluation of the independent garage was borne out. After confronting the manager of the dealership his comment was: "Well, the servicing mechanic must have made a mistake." That was it. Nothing more.

    Prior to a recent servicing, I made an agreement with the manager that he would be present in the dealership to personally supervise the service but he never even bothered to show up.

    I have reported these and other issues to Toyota Mexico, but all they do is send my complaints back to Querétaro Toyota where generally the latter take no action.

    I have also on four separate occasions reported these problems to GRUPO ADEN that owns QT and other dealerships but NOT ONCE has has this auto group even offered so much as an acknowledgement of these reports.

    Incidentally, both QT and other ALDEN dealerships actually use the motto: TOTAL SATISFACTION.

    Probably better to be on the safe side and avoid both Querétaro Toyota and other dealerships owned by Grupo Alden.

    We have continually returned to QT as it is the only Toyota dealership in the city but now we are seriously considering taking our vehicle to another city for servicing. Enough is enough.
  • joed7joed7 Member Posts: 3
    I would be interested in knowing if anyone else in Querétaro, QRO. or from anywhere else--MX or US-- has experienced problems with QUERÉTARO TOYOTA or for that matter, any of the distributors owned by GRUPO ALDEN in other parts of México.

    Me gustaría saber si hay otras personas de Querétaro, QRO. o otros partes de México o EUA que han experimentado problemas con QUERÉTAO TOYOTA o de hecho cualesquiera de las agencias poseídas por GRUPO ALDEN.
  • joed7joed7 Member Posts: 3
    While it is not my intention to monopolize this forum, I must admit that I am rather surprised that no one from Grupo Alden in Mexico has bothered to respond to the above messages, especially in view of the fact that I believe their people do periodically monitor this and other Edmunds' forums, as do dealers on both sides of the border.

    (Aunque no es mi intención dominar este foro, debeo admitir que estoy poco sorprendido que nadie de Grupo Alden en México ha respondido a los 'posts' ( mensajes) anteriores, especialmente a causa del hecho que creo que sus empleados, ejecutivos, etc. monitorizan periodicamente esto y otros foros de Edmunds como hacen las agencias en los dos lados de la frontera. [Mis disculpas por una traducción 'poco' menos que perfecta. 8 )]
  • david296david296 Member Posts: 2
    Prior to a recent servicing, I made an agreement with the manager that he would be present in the dealership to personally supervise the service but he never even bothered to show up.
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