radio&electronic climate control issues

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I have a 90 bonneville and the radio & electronic climate control are completely off... won't work so I have no heat and no radio or horn... help. please!


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    I'd start with checking the various ground wires that jump from parts of the body to others to give ground to the others. I do not know that pattern on the year you have. But one good test for that might be a long wire, one side of an extension cord might do with one end grounded on the battery and one end grounded on a solid metal brace under the instrument panel to bare metal.

    On the 92 and later leSabres (and Bonnevilles and 88s, 98s, and Park Aves) there were ground buss bars under the carpet at the corner of the door frame. The pieces of metal corroded with a nice green copper corrosion color if moisture got into them. These were wrapped inside a tape cover in the bundle of wires and under a thin plastic form that was under the carpet to give a tunnel where the bundle went.

    Also you might check the battery positive cable. Later H-bodies used multiple positive cables held on with the same bolt. Between them was a lead spacer that could corrode with white battery post type corrosion. It's possible the corrosion is preventing the current getting to certain circuits. A few people report battery acid corroding the copper wire inside the positive cables as they leave the battery side post. Cut down into the plastic cover to check the condition of that wire.



    The horn should be operated through a relay which requires low power from a circuit to the inside of the car. It would be interesting if you find the relay location for the horn to see if it blows if the power is applied to the high amp circuit with a jumper using a fuse. That would tell you the relay isn't geting power rather than the horns themselves not getting a ground on the fender(s).

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