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After-market catalytic converter for 99 legacy outback wagon?

amiramoonamiramoon Member Posts: 1
Does anyone have experience using an OE (Eastern) front catalytic converter for a legacy outback wagon? This is my son's college car for the NC mtns, he has 170K miles on it and i just can't see putting $1200 into the car for this, which is what they are saying it is for the Subaru part. I feel like I may be throwing good money after bad with this, I have recently replaced several things and am wondering if it is worth fixing and then selling. So my second Q is whether it would be better to just try to sell this as is? any help appreciated! thanks


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    natcat1natcat1 Member Posts: 1
    Subaru vehicles are notoriously difficult to repair with aftermarket catalytic converters. I carry several brands of catalytic converters in my warehouse but have had success with only one brand for Subaru. I would recommend the Catco brand for your son's car. If the car has the 2 piece catalytic converter system, the part is less than $200 and if it is the 1 piece system it is less than $300. OE Parts also only carry a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty. The parts from Catco carry a 5 year or 25,000 warranty. Subaru Legacy/Outback Catalytic Converters
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