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'00 OBW: replace engine or not?

Here I am again...

Head gaskets are bust on my '00 OBW at 97,500 miles. SoA is not willing to chip in due to the age of the car, but I am still pleading. In any case, it won't be much, so I have been told, so I will from now on take my car to independent mechanics and avoid the dealer.

There are other issues as well, e.g., additional oil leaks from behind the timing cover, e.g., the crankshaft seals.

Right now I am considering replacing the engine. Please tell me if that is a reasonable way forward.

If so, I am leaning towards a rebuilt engine. I can't take on a JDM engine myself, fix it up and put it in, so I'd like to have the work done as solidly as possible without totally breaking the bank. I guess I could have someone else fix up a JDM engine and have that one put in.

Given all the problems with what's behind the timing cover, I've been thinking about getting a longblock with all the trimmings.

Any advice?

Many thanks in advance!


  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 11,156
    Don't be fearful of the oil leaks. Crank / Camshaft leaks are par for the course on these engines after this much time, and they are EASY to replace. Most of the cost is the labor to get at them. If you are doing head gaskets, the cost for these to be replaced is literally just the part (perhaps $10 each for five, so $50, maybe $70 tops?)

    The real issue on the replace vs. repair argument is whether there is a strong chance that the block is cracked or the heads are warped. If either of those are the case, gasket replacement just became a whole lot more expensive. Otherwise, the cost of all that work should not exceed the cost of the replacement engine itself, so I would personally go for the repair.
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