Is upgrading to Touring or Touring Elite worth it?

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We are looking to replace our 2002 MDX with a 2012 Odyssey. Admittedly, it would be nice to have an entertainment system and built-in navigation, but nowadays you can buy a good GPS unit and dual DVD players for less than $4k. Is it really worth the extra money to have it built in?

Have read so many complaints about the older versions of the GPS--anyone know if the latest iterations are better (2011+?). We have Navi on our MDX and have found it very useful. We also use our smartphones when convenient.

Anyone have suggestions for what kind of after-market DVD players work well and the set-up you've got? Any recommendations on GPS units? Sorry if this overlaps another discussion. Please direct me.


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    To me, no. It all depends on what features are more valuable to you.

    I don't like factory nav systems. I do like the big screen sizes, but I hate how they lock you out and it's either expensive and/or a pain to upgrade maps. More how they lock you out. That's why we're getting an EX-L w/ RES.

    I have a 2 screen portable dvd system in my Lexus. Don't like it. So many wires, after about a year it starts acting funny, etc. Ok, it was $99 on Black Friday. Fraction of the cost of the factory system. However, it's just not integrated into the car like a factory overhead system. Been a BIG hassle, particularly since my daughter loves to yank at the wires with her toes. Plus, I don't like how it's mounted on the front seat headrests. On a 2 row car, that's not as big a deal, but with 3 rows, it's just nowhere as good. Mounted on the ceiling, both rear rows can see it.

    Now, that brings into question the aftermarket overhead ones. I don't like those. They're ugly or just not as fully integrated. You have to be REAL careful who installs it. Either way, it's not covered under warranty and may cause hassles with a service person looking to deny coverage for something else. With the factory system, it's covered under the regular and extended warranty (I'd only get Honda Care). Plus, you can roll it into your loan if you want. Ties into the factory speakers, etc.

    So, to me, the factory nav isn't worth it b/c the ability to use it while moving is critical to me. However, the location, integration, and warranty issues make the factory overhead RES worth the far greater cost than aftermarket to me.

    It's all a value judgement. Whether something is "worth" it is very subjective. Hopefully, I explained my reasoning enough for you to get an idea on what is "worth" it to you.
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    Oh, one tempting thing for the Touring (or is it only Touring Elite?) is that there's the white pearl color. I love that color. My Lexus is that color and any car I get now would be that color if I could get it.

    Others don't like white so it may not be a factor.

    I like white cuz I'm from So Cali. Now, I'm in NorCal, but a place that gets 110+ degree days in the summer. White is the ONLY color that makes a big difference in heat rejection. A dealer showed me back when I was young. Had me and my parents touch the hoods of different colored cars. Even light silver and other light colors were burning while the white was still cool to the touch. Heat bothers me so that's a BIG reason why I like white. Plus, it hides swirl marks (as any owner of a dark color car knows) and I think you can see the lines and shape of the car better.
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    My MDX is Tafetta White, and we were planning on getting another white vehicle--heard that the pearl color is only available in T or TE, otherwise it will be same Tafetta White as my current ride.

    Didn't realize you cannot operate the Nav while moving--what is the point then? :confuse:

    Thanks for spending time on your respons--very helpful indeed.
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    Didn't realize you cannot operate the Nav while moving--what is the point then?

    IIRC, all factory NAV's are like that - it's to prevent accidents.

    BTW, doesn't the Ody have voice activated nav?
  • duplexdianneduplexdianne Member Posts: 20
    Not sure what you are referring to robr2 about all factory NAVs locking users out while driving. My factory nav system in my '02 MDX works while we are driving just fine. We are not locked out. Perhaps this is a recent change since '02?
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,863
    Factory NAV's tend to be designed to lock out users while the vehicle is in motion to prevent inattentive driving. Perhaps it has changed since 2002 - a lot of focus on distracted driving now.

    In any case, isn't the Ody NAV voice activated? The one in my Explorer is and I can use it only with voice commands when under way.
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    We are looking at the Honda odyssey for our family of six. This will be our first minivan. Of course we need leather seats, DVD and automatic doors. I would like to have the sensors for safety. I am a little surprised that they are not standard on the EXL, only the touring. I am also a little taken back in the range of price from the EXL to the Touring and then to the Touring elite. Of course the big wide screen in the Touring Elite is very attractive and my girls loved that feature, but is it worth the extra $4,000? Also - I am not sure why dealerships are charging so much for navigation when most people have smart phones with GPS.
    Can someone who is a expert on these different models shed some advice.

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