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1997 subaru legacy outback low acceleration?

first time posting and hope I do this right...I have a 97 subaru legacy outback and love it. It has 143,000 miles. I had one problem in the year I've owned it and it was a loose hose connecting to the air filter. Put it back in place and the car acceleration was fine. The other day, started the car up let it warm a bit and began to drive. At a stop light it was idling a bit rough and about one mile down the road, the check engine light came on (in yellow), the car would not accelerate and I had to quickly pull over to the side of the road. Checked the air filter hose again (realized it was fine), then noticed there was no oil after checking all my fluids, etc. Got oil in car and after about 30 minutes started the car up and drove home 20 miles. The car is running rough but is accelerating, but CEL is still on and now there is an overflow of oil. I've drained most of it, but what caused this to happen? Why didn't my oil light come on to notify me of no oil? My car is eating up gas for the past month and idling rough. Acceleration up a hill leaves it a bit slow to respond when I press the gas. No smoke, no smell, no overheating...any ideas? Anyone have similar problems? Of course, it's the weekend and no shop open to take to...just wondering. Thanks!


  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 11,148
    Get a code reader to find out what codes are logged in the system! It's really hard to say what the issue is at this point without knowing what those codes are. Most likely, it is going to read a spark issue (cylinder misfires) or crank, cam, or knock sensors.
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