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transmission problem

backed in my truck to driveway had cold weather last nite today truck would not go in to any gear to move


  • Is it 4WD or 2WD? What year is it. What engine?

    No Drive (and I presume No reverse?) influenced by cold weather:
    Possibilities: Fluid level low, Gearshift linkage/throttle cable misadjusted,
    transmission oil pump (fluid pump) damaged,
    Valve body malfunction, transmission internal component damaged
    Park sprag not releasing (worn, damaged, stuck), Park,neutral switch
    Torque convertor damaged.

    If the engine warms up (and so will the transmission) does the transmission
    attempt to move in R or D1 or D2 manual shift ranges?
  • tryinhardtryinhard Posts: 1
    I have a 200 Dakota Sport 4x4 3.9 V6. It will not go into reverse. I checked linkage,fine. fluid, fine. No bad smell or color. It wants to move forward in the reverse position. Also there is no neutral unless the motor is turned off. It moves forward then as well.(In neutral,when running). I just bought a used tranny for $750.00 with more miles. (81000). Mine has 69,750. Dealer charged me $90.00 to tell me it's a internal problem. Big help! Said $3600.00 to rebuild! Any ideas here?
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