2012 Sonata Door Locks

j9inflaj9infla Member Posts: 1
I sometimes start my car in my driveway to let it warm up but then can't lock the doors. I assume there is a way to let the car run while not in it but to get those doors locked - is there?


  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsMember Posts: 1,459
    I don't know how the Sonata works specifically but on most cars you can lock the doors from the outside either manually with a key or via the fob. You might need to use the spare key/fob. The point being you have to "prove" to the car that you've got the ability to get back in.
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  • sivicmansivicman Member Posts: 32
    You can turn off the automatic door locks, just refer to your owners manual as to how. I turned off my wife's on her 2012 SE cause I personally don't like them. It gives me a feeling of being trapped. Hyundai says in the owners manual that they should unlock in the event of an accident, but I don't trust it.
  • kyrptokyrpto Member Posts: 216
    This is what I do too.
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