Sliding door won't shut flush

clutchmxclutchmx Member Posts: 1
I've got a 2000 Ford Windstar and the sliding door won't shut flush. When you get on the brakes it beeps and in the back it opens just enough to see light through. When you open the door and hold the back part you can shake the door like something is loose or worn out. Anyone know anything on this?


  • brianjudebrianjude Member Posts: 2
    I'm having a similar problem with my 2003 Windstar. For a while, we've been having problems opening the door, now, this morning, as I'm about to put my family in the car, the latch won't catch at all after opening it! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

  • fystywindstarfystywindstar Surrey, B.C., CanadaMember Posts: 24
    I am having the excat same problem with my 02 SEL. Only difference is mine latches but not both catches & warnibg systen is on.
  • brianjudebrianjude Member Posts: 2
    I found an answer online - remove the inside door panel and apply WD-40 to the locking mechanisms. I had to do it twice, but it worked after that.
  • fystywindstarfystywindstar Surrey, B.C., CanadaMember Posts: 24
    Thanks so much Brian. Cheers Angela :D;)
  • tomchitomchi Member Posts: 9
    Windstars arrived from the factory with the lower door track heavily greased. Over time, the track collects crud. The track should be cleaned periodically and regreased to prevent binding.
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