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Ram Pickups Transmission Problems

KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
Discussing the manual and automatic trannies of 2011+ Ram pickups.

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    doeboizdoeboiz Member Posts: 1
    The transmission of my 6 week old Ram 1500 seized while driving at 45 mph with no notice, causing the truck to come to and abrupt screaching halt. The truck needed to be transported to the dealership on a flatbed tow truck because it could not be put into neutral. The dealer found the transmission was seized and needed to forcably manipulate the transfer case into neutral so it could be moved. They found the C2 and underdrive clutches were completely destroyed, found significant metal shavings in the oil and pan, and are still investigating the complete extent of the damage. The vehicle is supposed to be equipped with safety mechanisms of a "limp" mode on the transmission, and an automatic shift to neutral in case of catastrophic failure, both safety systems also failed to function. It was lucky that there were no cars behind me, as it would have resulted in an accident. Chrysler is already positioning to me that they would like to rebuild the transmission, even though root cause of the terrible failure has not been idenitifed and the safety systems also failed. I'm not comfortable with their proposal, and am not being offered any means of escalation. This vehicle has only 2319 miles, and has not beed driven in any abnormal way, nor has it towed anything or even been off road yet. My very expensive truck is now damaged, devalued, and they want to simply patch it up... I expect Chrysler to replace the transmission system in total, warranty the repaired transmission and drive train system for life, and appologize for the significant inconvienences and dangers.
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