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MB M-Class Owners: Care & Maintenance

drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
edited August 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
Ooh, new topic! :-) Thanks Karen.

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  • Actually, this is an easy In addition to great cleaning and detailing tips, he sells a wide assortment of cleaners at GREAT prices. I'm not affiliated with him, just a very happy customer.

    Bill Shaw
  • roxreps1roxreps1 Posts: 10
    Does anyone know a friend who has a car lift in their home garage, preferably in So. Cal? It's for a commercial shoot. [email protected]
  • procterprocter Posts: 19
    Does anyone have a manual -- not pirated?
  • Greetings,

    Does anyone know where to buy OEM brakes pads for 2000 ML320? What's the brand Mercedes use as their OEM pads for ML320? Galfer USA or Textar? (Jurid or Pagid?)Please post the websites ASAP. Thanks!

  • Hello,
    I was wondering if anybody that owns a 2002 ML320 had the same problems I am having with mine
    I bought it used Starmark certified and afetr two weeks the lights for the BAS ESP AND ETS came on solid, I took the car to the dealer and after a whole week I've got it back "repaired". well right after I drove it for 8 miles the lights came on again.

    Anybody has experienced the same problem, it seem's that the dealer doesn't know how to fix this issue


  • Mark:

    It is most likely your brake lamp switch that is located at the brake pedal support arm.
  • Thanks, I will check on that when I take the car back to the dealer
  • Dear Mark,
    I own a 2000 ML320 and had this nagging problem for about 6 weeks. The problem tends to be worse in warmer temperatures.
    The Mercedes Service did the following:
    1. They replaced the control module for the BAS ESP, ETS (I think the Brake light comes on as well). The problem came back.
    2. They noticed that the o-ring on the windshield wiper fluid reservoir was leaking and had shorted the hydraulic pump motor out, causing insufficient hydraulic pressure for the subject systems. They replaced the reservoir and the pump/motor assembly. Problem solved, right? Wrong.
    3. Apparently, the shorted motor did a number on the fuse assembly. They replaced the fuse assembly.
    I've been alarm free for about 6 weeks (since step 3 repairs were done).
    You're lucky that you're still under warranty. I had to pay for the painful process.
    Good luck.

  • loveylovey Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase a 1999 ML 430 - I am hoping to find someone who has owned this SUV.

    43,000 miles = $19,500 asking price
    Very clean inside and out - I really like this but the number of postings from unhappy owners has sent up some red flags.

    I have a couple of questions...
    1. any recalls?
    2. repair history?
    3. the seller of this SUV is the 2nd owner, he says on the 99 ML 430 and the 98 & 99 ML 320 their is a 150,000 and 10 year warranty on this oil lubricated parts of the engine. He said the warranty goes with the car not the drive. I called a local dealer - no one has not heard of this - have you?

    PS - I am not a 1st time MB buyer.
  • tt30tt30 Posts: 31

    You can find repair history knowing the VIN number (use services like There were a few recalls on 1999 ML320, but they should be fixed by the owner.

    Re your 10y/150K miles warranty: My 1999 ML320 just failed so I know the details on this. The warranty applies to the original owner of your ML320 only, and only if the engine fails due to the oil consumption/sludge problem. I talked to the lawyer who won the lawsuit against Mercedes today and he said this does not apply to a new owner on the vehicle.

    Buy it on your own risk!

    ML320 1999 77K miles engine failure.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I have been happy with my 1999 ML320. 68K miles with no major problems. Ihave had a few minor issues. Never once been stranded. 19.5K is a fair price. But if it has no documented service history avoid it. I would suggest spend a bit more and getting a newer model.
  • Hi
    I have the ML320 since the year it come out 1998. after all this years,I think it is about time to change a new battery. Any one can give me some information for what make and model is good for another 6 years??
    Any info will help thank you all.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Mine died last year. I couldnt' find any food after mkt batteries. I paid about 115 USD to buy it form the dealer. I installed it myself.


    If the battery is fully disconnected you will have to reset some systems like possibly the ETS. You will also have to rekey in the code for the stereo as the stereo things that it has been removed from the car and re-installed. So what you need to do is to get DC battery charger or a spare battery to supply the current before you completely unplug the existing battery.

    I would recommend doing this soon as you can. Six years is about the life of these batteries and it is not worth trying to keep them longer just to save 100 bucks. Give you piece of mind.
  • Hello Mercara
    Thank's for the infor, I think I will let the dealer to do it for me. you are right it is not worth it when it comes to -38c and waiting for tow truck to come. Not funny at all.

    Thank you
  • emicoemico Posts: 1 is selling Repair CDs online. Does anyone here have any experience with this website and their products? Thanks.

    Here's the link:

  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    We had the same thing happen twice to us in our '00 ML320. I think it's something about a gasket or seal going bad on the window motor inside the door. Ours was fixed under warranty each time. Hopefully you have an extended warranty to cover this, as I'm sure it will be an expensive fix at the dealer.
  • Does anybody know how to remove the service indicator light from the dash on my ml 320 after its service. Believe it or not our mechanic did a great job with the service but didn't remove the warning light!

    Any answers??

    Thanks Scott in Australia
  • i do not have my owners manual..and when i startbthe car,,i get a wrench and a -7000 blinking on the msgindicator,,and then it disappears,,should i panic?,,cuz the vehicle runs great...the dealer i bought it from says its been service but im!
  • Here in California we have two license plates, and I never installed the front one until a kind police officer reminded me that it should be done. (I have a ML500 '02.) My "fix it" ticket is coming due soon.
    So Mercedes kindly sold me the front moulding that fits my model for a mere $90. (Primed, I had to paint it myself. What do you expect for $90..?) But no attaching hardware or any kind of instructions came with it.
    Has anyone ever attached one of these before? There are dots on the front bumper to indicate where the moulding is to be attached, but with what? I doubt I could get inside or behind the bumper to attach a nut. It's really frustrating.
  • funcarfuncar Posts: 4
    Hi, I had a similar problem on my 2001 ML430 six months ago. The dealer replaced the optic fiber sensor to fix the problem. Good luck.
  • funcarfuncar Posts: 4
    Hello - My ML430 needs a new battery - it's about 4 years old. Anyone with experience of getting the battery changed other than at the dealer? About how much is the battery? Where did you go? Any suggestion is appreciated!
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I tried in a number of places including Pepboys, Sears, Autozone, Strauss, etc, etc. No one carries the battery for the ML. Strauss tried to sell me a battery rated for less amps telling me that it will be fine. Anyway I got it from the dealer for about $120 or so.
  • funcarfuncar Posts: 4
    Thank you for your post, sure saves me a lot of time running around. I'll have to call the road side assistance and bring in the car. :)
  • funcarfuncar Posts: 4
    Hi ML Friends - My 4 year old ML430 needs a new battery, it just died last week. Please share your experience with me, where did you get the battery from, cost? Did you go to the dealer?

    I just found out how to post a new thread and have to take the car in soon, miss driving it.
  • jhd11jhd11 Posts: 1
    Advice needed: Dealer service now reommending a lot of items: Flushes $180, Differential $225, Brakes $400, BAS middle sensor replace $400.
    Is this normal wear and tear, or do I need to shop for service?
    Car has had all the routine service appointments.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Don't need to touch the Tranny, Diff untill 100K miles according to MB. I didn't feel comfortable driving mine for that long and would ask my service rep about it. He advised against opening up the sealed tranny unit untill the scheduled 100K service. Regarding the Brakes and BAS sensor fix only if the warning light has come on inside.
  • A couple weeks ago I flushed/changed the brake fluid using a vacuum bleeder. I didn't think the fluid looked bad, but once in the waste bucket it was cloudy and brown. If you have changed brakes in a car you can DIY. I never let the fluid level get below the minimum mark while bleeding the system from nearest to farest wheel.
  • I have a 2000 ML320 so I need to add the new hoses as well. Do I really need the special tool to remove the fuel lines from the pump?

    Can I access the hatch without removing the rear seat?

    I had heard this was about a $300 job, but got a $1300 price from my dealer. Not sure if this was to replace the tank, pump, and filter; but sure seems high enough for it.
  • bherrbherr Posts: 1
    I removed the original battery. replacing it with a n after market battery. Now the car turns over fine. However, it will not start. Has anyone reset the ETS? What is the process, and is it doable by a non mechanic?
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    What after market battery did you buy? How much did you pay? I did a lot of research and couldn't find an after market battery with the same amp ratings. I ended up buying from the dealer. If your car is not starting it is because you have a battery wihtout sufficient juice. Resting ETS has got nothing to do with your car not starting. I suggest return the battery and get one from the dealer for about 110 USD or so.

    Reseting the ETS is very straight forward. The instructions are in the manual. I did it to turn of the ETS light.
  • bon_bonbon_bon Posts: 20
    We have a 2002 ML 500. The dealear is asking for $300 to replace the front brake pads. Is this normal ? Is there a cheaper way to replace the brake pads ? Any suggestions would be welcome.


    Bon Bon
  • danaddanad Posts: 3
    You turn the wheel all the way to the left and then all the way to the right and repeat it one time and it will reset the check engine light.
  • danaddanad Posts: 3
    That's about right. They are also going to tell you that you have the replace the rotors which seem to need to be replaced every time you change the brakes on the Mercedes. One person did rotate them for me, but for the most part, all of it needs to be replaced. By the way, look forward to replacing the rear brakes soon as well.
  • danaddanad Posts: 3
    When I had to replace my battery, the dealer was the only place that could replace it; however, if you place a road service call instead of a inside the dealer service call, it is cheaper and they will replace it as a part of roadside warranty for as long as you own the car for about $120, and you don't have to do it yourself.
  • shmoopy1shmoopy1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 ML320. How can I get rid of the wrench symbol that appears on the odometer? I didn't take it to a MB dealer so although they serviced it, they didn't get rid of the blinking wrench that appears when you start the engine.
  • I have a 2001 ML 320 with the original battery. Since it has five hears on it, I decided to electively change it. I purchased a new battery at the MB dealership for $105.00 and thought I would put it in myself. How do I release the battery box clamps to mobilize the battery. Getting the cables off is easy, but I am not sure about the "clamping" system that holds the battery secure. Do any of you use a jumper wire to keep from having to re-program the radio or anything? Is it really that necessary?
  • call mb roadside the techs carry batteries with them in the truck and will only charge you dealer the future.. you can still call the tech at 18002220100 and ask for the tech to install it they should not charge for the service. also you will need your radio code to have tech program it in. in the future you can call mbusa roadside for 3 free services battery jump , flat tire change and fuel if you run out. this is free asl long as you own your benz.
  • you meant ML owner get those free roadside services ( battery jump, flat tire change, and fuel ) for a total of three times while you own the ML ?

    If you sell it to somebody then the buyer will not inherit this free service three more times ?

    other than having the tech to reset the radio / CD code etc., do you see any problem if I choose to buy a third party non-MB battery that is stronger with higher cold crank / warm cranking power, and have non-MB technician install it for me ?

    anything to tell those non-MB technician to look out for when they remove the old battery and install the new battery , so I don't lose whatever data / settings ?

  • OK I wasn't paying I was leaving work today I backed my '02 ML-500 right into the rear bumper of a raised F250 crew cap. Ouch, but the only damage to my car was a broken rear right tail light. I've aleady ordered a new one from, but can anyone shed some light on how to remove the old one. When you open the rear hatch there are two plastic screws which I took off, but the tail light doesn't budge. What else is holding it on ? Do you have to remove the rear bumber skin? Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Joe
  • This is my first time on this site. Hopefully, someone out there can help me. I have a 2004 ML500 with 18,000 miles and Mercedes-Benz Manhattan is stating that I must replace the brake pads and rotors for $1,300.00. It seems rather early in the life of the vehicle to be performining such an extensive repair. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • greetings folks,
    has anyone had the pleasure of using or buying extended warranty from continental warranty. my '01 ml 320 has over 77,000 miles on it and they are willing to provide a rather extensive warranty on it for $2598.00. is this a good deal.

    please let me know
  • Is it okay to buy a remanufactured mass airflow sensor for my 2000 ML320? Autozone has them for $180, the dealer sells them for 330 new and ebay has some for as low as $100. Is there really a difference between new, rebuilt or aftermarket sensors?
  • Forget the OEM brakes. You do not want the dreaded black dust, poor performance and poor wear of those brakes. Check on line for EBC Green stuff 7000 series pads and aftermarket cross drilled rotors. I got mine from R1 Concepts. Better wear, no dust, far better braking at less than half the cost of Mercedes. I got lazy and had the local Midas shop install them. They are impressed and this shop is now carrying them for ML brake jobs. My out of pocket was $580 for everything
  • did you ever find an answer, a couple of guys from the dealership said that they had to do it.
    let me know
  • jimm43jimm43 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 ML 320 I have a problem turn signal on my Mercedes. I found a new switch but need to know what is required to replace it. What does it take to get the steering wheel off?


    Jim Marshall
  • I need new tires for my 1999 ML320. The dealer has always told me to stick with General(came with the car when new) or Dunlop. Has anyone had any experience with another tire brand?

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