2007 M35 Radio Voulme

alexm35alexm35 Member Posts: 1
My radio is working but I can't hear anything. It happens sporadically. Sometimes the volume works for hours and sometimes only 5 mins. It is driving me crazy. Called the dealership and they said they can replace the radio for about $500 but I don't know if it's the radio or some circuit board. I've also notice that when I go out in the mornings to heat my car the A/C only blows cold air until I actually start driving; that's when the heat starts to kick in.

Anyone else have had this problem?


  • dhellerdheller Member Posts: 28
    At this point, I wouldn't suspect nor exclude the radio. It sounds like it is a loose connection, perhaps to the amplifier (located in the trunk of the car), perhaps the power to the unit itself.

    If it were me, I would identify a speaker input to the amplifier (schematics are all over the internet) and tap into one of the speaker inpuits. Then get a Y cable and run a wire to a small inexpensive speaker. When the mains go out and the small speaker is working, it would point you to the amplifier. If not, then the radio or harness coming from it to the amp
  • dhellerdheller Member Posts: 28
    The Infiniti is designed such that the air does not come out of the vents until the it reaches a sufficient temperature. I can actually drive a couple of blocks before mine starts to blow air. If you take it off of "AUTO" on your controls, it will blow the cold air before the water warms up enough to exchange heat with the air, again, a couple of blocks in my M35 2007
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