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2011 GMC Yukon Denali Vibrations

I just purchased a 2011 Yukon Denali with 22'' wheels. I have 1034 miles on the vehicle now( half of those miles are from the dealer test driving). I first had excessive vibrations in the steering wheel around 50mph. Took it to the dealer and they "fixed" it. First trip on the freeway the vibrations started again at 65mph. Took it back to the dealer. They couldn't balance the tires and wheels so they replaced all four tires and wheels. That seemed to have worked. Now I have a "thud" or what feels like a "pressing" vibration in the seat. I can feel it when i let off the gas around 35mph and coast. I drove with my dealer this morning and he felt it as well as one of his tech's, who also drove it. They said they have no idea what it is and they will contact GM to try and fix. Anybody else have this problem?


  • We're available to follow up with your dealer to check on the progress of the diagnosis and repair on your behalf. If this sounds like something you're interested in, please send us an email with your name/user name, contact information (phone and address), the name of your dealership, the last 8 of your VIN and your current mileage.
    GM Customer Service
  • With all do respect, how will that help me and my problems with my Yukon?

    Yukon Owner
  • I just heard back from the dealer. The "vibration" I am feeling is the fuel management system activating. When the Yukon shifts from running on 8 cyl to 4 cyl. They told me this is normal operation. They are bringing my ride back to me now and I'll have to live with it. Maybe.
  • Good afternoon, Chris,

    We would ensure that the dealership is utilizing full array of resources available to them (including contacting our Technical Assistance Center here), and could continue to keep you informed on the progress of the diagnosis. Also, as we build a case, this would be documented in the GM database for future product consideration or for further customer assistance.

    GM Customer Service
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