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Jeep Commander Radio CD Problems

itabotitabot Posts: 105
has anyone had this happen to them?

i have posted before about blinking radio screen. today with 'no warning', i.e., that is, no warning other than that the dash has been blinking since i bought the Commander, i get into Jeep, turn on radio, radio plays normally, then i go to switch stations and it won't allow switching stations. It's then that i notice that the screen that displays time, radio stations, etc., is blank. i then try the CDs to see if they will play. the MODE button doesn't work so i can't initially go from radio to CD.

No buttons on the bottom of the radio instrument panel will work (AM/FM, Mode, , Navigation); however, because i thought i couldn't change MODE from radio to CD i went to eject CDs and then they/the CDs started playing but of course now i can't get back to the radio and i can't change songs because that requires one of these buttons on the bottom of the radio instrument panel to work.

i'm wondering if this is a software issue, if this is in one of the Jeep Commander Technical Service Bulletions? I'm looking at this site:

if anyone knows which is any TSB relates to my current most prominent Commander problem please let me know so that i am able to have as much information on hand and therefore can choose right audio repair shop for this. radios aren't something that my Wilton, CT BP Jeep Expert works on and because this commander is so 'peculiar' and Jeep Coprorate so totally determined to neglect the commanders issues, i'm reliant on this forum for assistance.

Thank you!


  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    24 hours later, however, the radio panel is back to working; however, i'm aware that this is a sign of trouble that will need to be addressed shortly. again, if anyone has had any experience with this please let me know. I'm guessing the independent repair shop will need to replace the water drain tubes from sunroof with longer tubes to stop the leaking within the jeep roof and then the independent audio repair shop will need to replace the damaged radio. after reading posts here on edmunds and another jeep review site I see that the water draining problem does fundamental and incremental damage and that separate jeep dealers have admitted that the tubes originally installed in the commanders from the sunroofs out were too short. (talk about the guy on the assembly line not being able to get the word out that the parts were wrong...more: talk about jeep chrysler corporate refusing to openly acknowledge this error and take care of it as respectable American business people would do)

    At this point I am looking at $2-4k in repairs to fix this problem of the water leak and the results of that leak totally.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    today, I endured 2 conversations with very polite but not at all genuinely 'helpful' , i.e., helpful in terms of actually solving the problem , Jeep Chrysler customer service representatives; they were - just as they were when I first purchased The Commander and called Chrysler Coporate regarding the 'stall problems' - more interested in selling me on the 'dealer diagnosis' which the coporate representatives still explain will then entitle me to be considered for a 'good will' rebate on repairs if the diagnosis determines that the problem of leaking of rainwater into passenger wheel well is not from my negligence but is in fact a manufacturer if Chrysler Jeep doesn't already know that the problems came with the Commander at time of purchase. What's more, as i also told them in reply to what amounts to no more than a 'give us more of your $$$ gimmick', a.k.a. the dealer diagnosis, the last time they so encouragingly offered me this 'pay for diagnosis' for potential rebate, i didn't get the rebate with corporate telling me that they were not willing to 'rebuild' the car.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    I explained to the 2nd customer service representative from corporate that I will certainly be taking legal action by the end of February 2012 if Chrysler Corporate does not step up by Tuesday, January 3, 2012 (when Commander goes in for Safety Recall/EBC Module that I was never informed of but only discovered when i called in about the sunroof/windshield leak).

    To date, The reply from Chrysler Corporate is that they are not sure if this is customer negligence or manufacturer problem...
  • Hey, recently I have run into the EXACT same problem. The display where the radio can be seen does not turn on but will occasionally turn on for about a minute or two, then turn off again. Also like you said the buttons at the bottom do not work. Right now I have pulled the radio out of the car to see if there is anything wrong with it that may be fixable. If you ever find out what is wrong with it let me know, and I'll let you know if I can get it fixed somehow.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    i will definitely do that, i.e., post what i find to be the problems and the solutions here within this forum. this forum is providing much better information than i can get from Chrysler Corporate; Chrysler Jeep Corporate claims to have never heard about the dashboard blinking or water leak problem. 2 years ago they claimed to not know about any stall issues...

    that said, regarding radio problem, even if you do not have water leaking in to your passenger wheel well like i do it's likely that there is a water leak causing that radio problem and some of the other electrical problems; so, if you have sunroof get the hoses cleaned out with highpressure air hose at an independent car repair place ($125) for which they also wet-vac'd the interior. the dealer will not do this simple cleaning out of the sunroof drains, they will only take out and totally replace which runs nearly $600.

    Also, see the link that i provided to the techinical service bulletions put out by Chrysler on the commander; they serve as indication that Chrysler knows full-well that there are these problems but will not take $-responsibility for them.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    more: if you don't have a sunroof, the water leak can come from the debris under the hood. others on this thread regarding commanders have commented on how much debris accumulates under the hoods, esp. leaves. the car repair shop i go to said that this should be cleaned out too
    what's more: the indie service repair shop said that they have never seen so many problems with such a well-maintained car, that it is clearly defective, and that these problems will be with the car forever, i.e., plan on paying a couple of hundred per year to keep the car from accumulating rain water in the interior and where the electrical wires reside.
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    I didn't know until tonight about all the other Commander owners have
    problems with water leaks and damaged sound systems.

    Check the other boards and lets band together and try to have a recall. I
    have no radio sound and when it pours I can have 3 inches of water
    on the driver's side.

    Keep monitoring this site for possible solutions.
  • joshjmg14joshjmg14 Posts: 1
    I'm having the exact same radio problem on my 09 Commander now. I don't have a sunroof, but the radio's doing what you're describing....with the screen going blank and no sound... and then turning on randomly..then off. Not happy about this.
    Anyone found a somewhat easy fix to this?
    I may try taking the deck out and seeing if water got to any of those wires..?
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    The Jeep Specialist at the indie-auto repair shop that I go to he had told me what he thinks is the solution. I will post his suggestion when I next pick up the commander (the initial water leak- rain water drains- solution only lasted 2 months so he's now further repairing that recurrent problem along with a brake shoe and possibly a new starter or battery).

    Though I can't remember exactly what the problem is with the radio he did say that I should just get a new radio, CD, speaker system and an independent car radio shop.

    I want to also add that everything that this indepedent shop has repaired in the Commander never gives me any trouble. The only problems with this Jeep Commander are the parts that were installed at the point of manufacture.
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