Safety and Two Star Crash Test of C Class

avaradyavarady Member Posts: 5
I was shocked to learn that the 2012 Mercedes Benz C Class earned only a 2 star front passenger crash test rating. Does anyone have any information on this as its hard to believe that a company such as Mercedes which continually emphasizes safety would allow this. My wife and children typically sit in the front passenger seat and this really concerns me. From what I've heard I understand that the car barely escaped a 1 star front seat passenger rating which would mean an almost complete lack of protection. Any comments?


  • avaradyavarady Member Posts: 5
    The 2 star crash test rating of the 2012 Mercedes C Series for front seat passenger is clearly displayed on the window stickers of all C series in all Mercedes showrooms. On the sticker, it appears under the category "Government Safety Ratings" These stickers also provide the price breakdown of the vehicle and EPA Fuel ratings. When I brought the 2 star crash rating to the attention of the salesperson, he expressed surprise and ignorance of this rating.
  • fearlessflyfearlessfly Member Posts: 15
    When I checked the window sticker for the 2012 C-series in my area, it just says the car has not been rated for crashes yet. Can anyone confirm that the passenger rating for this car is just 2 stars because this would be a serious concern for me also and I could not purchase this vehicle. Does anyone know if the rating for the 2013 C-series has improved or not? I believe the BMW 5-series has a much better rating. Thanks!
  • busby1busby1 Member Posts: 1
    The BMW 2012 5 Series had I believe the best safety ratings in it's class! I would always trust BMW in terms of safety over Mercedes-Benz to be honest
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