2009 Nissan Versa CVT Transmissions

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My 2009 Versa SL hatchback developed a speed-sensitive "clicking/clacking/thumping" noise recently (currently has 49,000 miles).

Took it in to the dealer this morning for analysis. The service rep just called and told me a new CVT has been ordered, as they are planning to swap out the defective unit.

Due to the season, he estimated the ETA for the new unit to be approximately 1 week.

I'll post again when I have any new information.


  • busirisbusiris Member Posts: 3,490

    I picked up my Versa with its new CVT yesterday....

    So far, all seems well. I'll know more tomorrow when we take it out for a 100 mile trip.

    So far, I'm happy with the work.
  • busirisbusiris Member Posts: 3,490
    Well, after close to 200 miles on the new CVT, all seems normal. Now, let's see what happens over the next 50,000 miles...
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    I am looking to buy a car and asked my mechanic this morning about the Versa Note. He said if the transmission holds up it's a great car, but if it goes then you have BIG problems. He said he just fixed one and the cost was about $6,000.00 Now I'm really leery of buying one. I asked him if he was buying a car which ones would he get. He said he likes the Honda Accord, the Toyota Camry, and the Chevy Impala and Malibu.

    I took a 2011 Versa Note for a test drive today and it ran great, and I really like the hatch back and the MPG figures up around 40, but I hate to think of the transmission going out at around 160,000 and having a $6,000.00 repair bill starring at me.

    I have a Chevy Lumina with over 170,000 and an S-10 PU Truck with 315,000 so I am a high mileage guy.

    Anyway thanks to those who wrote about the transmission - good to know that information.

    I also found a great place to buy cars and that is Hertz. They have the best prices that I have found so far, and it sounds like they are a good company to do business with. So there is my contribution to the forum.

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    We have about 9,000 miles on our 2014 Note, and the CVT is performing OK with no issues. It IS quite an adjustment to get used to the feel of it. We haven't had any kind of automatic tranny in our driveway for 25 years, so it's a little culture shock.

    We're getting just a tiny fraction under 40 MPG so far, which IS nice

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