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Brake not working!!!! Lincoln Town 2005

I searched the site and believe there is a few posts relating to brake not working. I also saw some responses saying that the drivers might have step on the gas instead of the brake. Well I'm telling you I just had 2 incidents where the brake fail to work. This is very serious and could be life and death and lucky for me, both incidents did not cause a crash.

The first incident occurred and the car missed the stop sign by around 25 feet. It was a very scary experience and I thought maybe it was probably due to a dirty or slippy brake/tire (?). Two to three weeks later it happened again and in both cases I have my daughter in the back of the car.

I plan to bring this car to the dealership for check-up.. but please I want to hear others who are or might have had this issue. How did you fix it?

I am going to notify Lincoln on these 2 incidents and i'm hoping that they will take the case seriously (learning from other companies' experience)



  • I have had the same problem! The dealer was no help. What were the results in your case?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    In the after market - Is there a large brake pedal extender that can be bolted onto the factory brake pedal enabling only your left foot to press on the brake? Usually, there is ample room to the left of the brake pedal to secure such an attachment. Right foot = Gas Left foot = brake! ;)
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