2011 T&C Engine Trouble - DO NOT BUY T&C

rzcarrzcar Member Posts: 3

A couple of months ago I bought my wife a new/used 2011 T&C with 6 months usage. I noticed a engine vibration and low idle when I test drove it. The dealer checked and said there is nothing wrong. A week later we get check engine light, the dealer says spark plug problem and replaced the plug. We take it in to get remote started installed, and continue our complain about the vibration. They finally admit that the cylinder head needs to be replaced. The check engine light comes on again, and the problem is still there. And now the dealer doesn't want to deal with me and ignores my calls (even the owner of the dealership).

By all accounts this is a lemon.

Shame on the tax payer supported Chrysler for selling us junk.

I so much wanted to buy American, oh well!

If a 6 month old vehicle needs an engine overhaul, what does that say about the quality we expected to get 7 years from now?

This is supposed to be a family vehicle. Would you trust your family riding in this car?




  • lostlost Member Posts: 64
    This vehicle was used when you bought it , you have no idea what happened to it before you bought it. The dealer who sold it to you should be helping you instead of ignoring you.
  • ghadzillaghadzilla Member Posts: 1
    I bought a brand new 2012 Dodge Caravan Crew and it immediately had no start issues leaving me stranded 8 times. After 4 different trips to the dealer, a Star Case" came out on the issue where there is a defect with the starter solenoid relay. Finally fixed but very little help from Chrysler.
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496
    Chrysler is having some cylinder head problems with the Pentastar V6. The engine is used in multiple vehicles and as a result, there is a backlog to fix the vehicles. Not all Pentastar V6's are affected with this problem as the engine is assembled in more than one location (U.S. and Mexico) and there are multiple suppliers of the engine components. Hope they fix it well. Good luck.
  • bronco54bronco54 Member Posts: 3
    Has the problem been resolved?
    Is this a V6 4.0 engine?

    There is KNOWN problems with bad rocker arms causing multiple problems
    with the engine
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