2008 Mazda5 Oil, Electrical and Powerstearing issues

bettystylesbettystyles Member Posts: 1
Hi, so I am at my wits end with this car. Love hate relationship for sure. I dont know much about cars, luckily I think my husband does. This car has 38000 miles on it and constantly smells like burning oil. Once it even practically burned all of its oil when it wasnt due for an oil change yet. I have had power stearing go out on me and most frustratingly, for me as a mom... I cant charge an Ipad without the car getting killed. Today, I left the lights on for 10 min and the car dies... getting battery checked but its done this before as well.

Anyone ever heard of this IPAD issue? who would ever think that a car cant charge an Ipad??

Thanks for the help!


  • davichodavicho Member Posts: 190
    Hello and welcome. Oil consumption is not a normal issue among Mazda5s. Did you buy your MZ5 brand new? If not, the previous owner may have not taken care of maintenance properly thus you are having engine oil consumption issues. If you did buy it new and always kept up with maintenance. Maybe it is leaking oil and you have not noticed or who ever is doing the maintenance is using too thin of an oil weight. Your Power steering problem is a known issue and Mazda has released a TSB (technical service bulletin). Check with your Mazda dealer about this issue. The battery dead issue is most likely your battery being weak or not good anymore. If it is still the original battery, it is definately done its time under the hood. Hope this helps and sorry about your experience.
  • maxcat5maxcat5 Member Posts: 2
    Again I am having issues with intermittent blue tooth and radio/cd unit outage. I had this unit replaced once and this seemed to help, but recently it started again. Also, the power window on the driver's door stopped working for 2 days, then started working as I drove to the dealer. Anyone else still having these issues? Any solutions?
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