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2013 Nissan Altima

gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
edited January 2012 in Nissan
Base on these spy photos, I think the new 2013 Altima will be similar to this Nissan Teana. Do you agree?

The front grille, the headlights...



The taillights, the rear quarter windows





  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Unfortunately, it does look a bit like it. Too me, Nissan did not do enough then to change it. When they went from the 3rd to 4th generation in 07, the design was evolutionary and not revolutionary, like it was back in 02 when they went from the 2nd to 3rd generation Altima. I would have expected Nissan to do more and make the 5th generation revolutionary again as the Altima needs a nice kick in the butt to keep up with the designs coming up on the Sonata, Malibu, and Camry.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    I agree but I would classify the new Camry as a moderate change like the Altima.
  • The 2013 Ford Fusion has a lot more interesting style and technology. I think Ford may really overtake the Altima this time.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Wow, I hope's that not the new Altima b/c it looks a lot like the Maxima's bodystyle to it. I hope Nissan doesn't hurt the Maxima like they did back in 2002 when they brought out the 2nd Gen Altima design which was better than the Maxima.

    It looks like Nissan is not making these care appear as distinctive as they are now.
  • Yeb, Maxima + M curve line.
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Posts: 172
    edited June 2012
    Had a chance to test drive the 2013 Altima today and came away very impressed. I found it to be quiet and solid with a good ride handling balance. Steering was quick with decent road feel and the seats were excellent. Overall, for me, it was clearly better than the Camry, Malibu, Sonata, or Passat. The dealer only had a 4 cylinder version, so there was no opportunity to try the 3.5L. Anyone else out there who has given one a try?
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    I will get one but I'll wait till Sept. to get some discount. :shades:
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    I keep hearing how good the seats are. You said they were excellent. In which way? The wife's looking at cars now and this may be on the list. Thanks.
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Posts: 172
    edited July 2012
    Everyone has a different "feel" for seats, but for me, the Altima's cloth seats were extremely well balanced between "softness," without sinking deep into a pile of mush. Every body point seemed well supported and I liked the feel of the cloth. At the same time, on the SV, the passenger seat seemed to be a tad low to the floor without the ability to raise it up. In the end, I was all set to pull the trigger on the '13 Altima, but three things stopped me after taking a second, longer test drive. One, I felt the 4 cyl/CVT combo is geared in such a way that it feels sluggish unless you put you foot deep into the gas. Second, I found myself making too many little steering corrections cruising down the interstate and finally, why jump now with the Accord and Fusion right around the corner. Good luck on your search.
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Thanks for the reply. Yep, that CVT would be a turnoff for me, plus the fact that it's FWD. Now the wife might not know or care, she drives a Mazda6 currently. The new Fusion looks great and we'll wait until that comes out before pulling the trigger. She also likes the Caddy CTS . . . I like it too!
  • dbc123dbc123 Posts: 105
    CVT is sure no "turnoff" to me. It's a big part of why I just took delivery of a '13 2.5 SV today. Very impressed so far with the car. It's a huge improvement over the previous Altimas. I love the way the CVT seamlessly adjusts the ratio to the driving conditions. The incredibly tall gearing allows for totally effortless and relaxed feel even at speeds over 80mph. The engine is turning less than 2000 rpm and the car is amazingly quiet and smooth.
    If this can get anywhere near its EPA rated mileage it's going to be a very impressive car.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Everyone has their likes and dislikes... Some hate FWD cars, automatic transmissions, etc. enough to refuse to even look at them.

    Others could care less about the drive wheels or whether the car has a traditional automatic, DCT or CVT.

    That's why there are so many models in the market. It doesn't mean anyone is right or wrong.

    From a pure efficiency POV, its really hard to beat a well designed CVT in around-town driving, although a manual is hard to beat on the limited-access highway in long trips.

    All this began immediately after Henry Ford began offering colors besides black....
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    edited July 2012
    Would love to hear what the actual avg. MPG is on the new 2013 Altima 2.5 engine is. We are getting consistently 25-26 avg. MPG on 2012 2.5SL model which is very good but I imagine all new 2013 models from Altima to other competitor's models will aim for 27-30 avg. MPG range. I doubt much discounting is available on 2013 Altima.

    For 2012 Altima 2.5 SL model with Bose Radio it should be around 23.5k-24k plus TTL and doc. fees. This should include the factory added mats wheel locks and aluminum sidekick. I got that price last Fall when 2013 Altima was just a talk.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    I've seen discounts on the 2012 models around $5-7k off MSRP depending on version and equipment. No, the 2013s won't be discounted much at all for the first few months especially with all the hype about the MPG and other big improvements. They just arrived on dealer lots a couple of weeks ago. They are supposed to get around 31 mpg average and from the several reviews that I've read that mentioned MPG, the 2.5L was pretty close to that in combined driving. The 3.5L six was getting around 26mpg in these tests/reviews which is also very good.
  • Does any one know when NJ will start recieving it? Anybody in NJ has bought 2.5 SL than what is the price paid?
  • dbc123dbc123 Posts: 105
    My first tank returned 31.2 mpg. This with about 60% hwy and 40% city. I was driving it gently but varying speed often. With full break in but slightly more aggressive driving it should do as well as this or maybe a little better. One tank is too early to tell but so far, looks very good.
  • roycarverroycarver Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    We just got a new 2.5SL with Tech package. Came with mats mudflaps and spoiler black on black. Sweet ride. We found out about the Nissan Graduate Program which promises a no hassle/no haggle $250 below dealer cost. It is true. Our cost before tax was $28100 and MSRP was around 30600. There was a dealer fee (most have them) at $450. We sold our 2008 Honda Civic EX to get this. Great mileage and nice car but small and uncomfortable on trips(have had hip surgery recently). There so many good solid changes and many suttle not so obvious ones. Have owned many used Nissans and a few Infinitis over the years. Initial impression. My wife and I are in LOOOOOVVVVE, and not just with each other.
  • Hey Roycarver,

    Congrats. I am too in marjket for 2013 2.5 altima SL with Tech package (Black on black). Can you provide some more details on your location, pricing and buying/negotiating strategy so that me an other fellow readers can have an insight on what to expect. I am in NJ
  • roycarverroycarver Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    I live in the Cleveland,TN and bought the car at Hunt Nissan in Chattanooga, TN. When I first discovered the new Altima, we went and tested one at that dealership but I new I wanted an SL with Tech. They finally just got them this past weekend. I had called a lot of dealerships in the area and no one had an SL 2.5 with Tech. I heard some interesting stuff though. One dealership told me they could sell me a 2013 Altima but that I couldn't drive it home because they were all on hold from the factory. Another told me that he had a direct contact into the Nissan plant where they manufacture the Altima and he told me they wouldn't ship until the 13th of the month and that they and another mentioned dealership would get the first ones. Anyway, concerning negotiating, I discovered the College Graduate Program offered by Nissan. It is in the home page. They promise a No Haggle/No Hassle price if you meet their qualifications. My wife did. We didn't fuss at all. We might have been able to get a lower interest rate. You have to finance through Nissan for the program and my wife's credit was mid 700s. She got 4.49%@72months which is really good but maybe we could have done better. I had already mentioned that the price offered is $250 below dealer invoice/cost. Additionally, I did apply for the Edmunds promotion. An add pops up on this site some time for buying a new Nissan and getting a $500 Visa Cash Card. We applied and submitted and I am hoping all is legitimate (no reason not to believe that) and that we'll receive our $500 card in the mail in 6 to 8 weeks.
    Not sure what else to tell other than I was researching MPGs because I was having a hard time finding how to reset the trip info and since leaving the dealership my MPGs have been a little disappointing (averaging around 25mpg). I finally found out how to clear/reset it so we'll see how things shape up according to the computer and we'll be taking a trip at the end of the month to New England and that will be a great MPG test, both by computer readout and manual calculations.
    Hope you find what you're looking for and get a great deal.
  • Thanks a bunch for a detailed response. I look forward to buying new altima soon.
  • Thanks a bunch for a detailed response. I look forward to buying new altima soon.

    Amazed to see noone has a definite answer on when it will be rolled out to dealerships
  • victomofnissanvictomofnissan Posts: 7
    edited August 2012
    I got mine three weeks ago (2013 Altima 2.5SL). I love the car except the mpg I am getting. I have been getting 15 average mpg. I drove 50% in the city and 50% on the highway (filled up the gas tank twice so far). Contacted the dealer and am told it needs time to "break in". That's what my shoe sales person told me when I purchased my new pair of shoes. But when you buy a $30,000.00 car, it should drive as the ad said ( or close). Besides this major issue, I simply love this car.

    BTW, how many miles have you driven yours so far?
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I'm going to tell you, it might improve in time but if your doing half your driving in the city I don't know how good the gas mileage is every going to get. I've found with my Maxima, that the CVT and driving in the city do not go well together and the mpg goes down considerably. Luckily, 80% of my driving is highway and the other 20% is rural city so my mpg is pretty good. But the couple of times I've driven my car in Philly or New York, the mpg shoot way down into the teens.
  • I hope so. Can't wait for the day when it starts delivering atleast 20mpg. will post the update.....
  • soham3soham3 Posts: 1

    I just bought the 2013 Altima 2.5SL but without the navigation for out of door price of $28,088 with floor mat and Splash guard in Atlanta. I went to almost 7-8 dealership around the area and spent almost 3-4 hrs at each dealership negotiating on the price. Nobody was offering me price below $28,500(out of door)

    Then I went to a relatively small dealership and first thing they asked me is where I work and when I gave them my employer name they said I qualify for VPP program and this is what they offered me:

    26,200--selling price (250 below invoice price)
    No doc fees
    total out of the door I paid 28,088

    which I think is quite a good price. Plus the salesperson was very friendly to me and they did not engaged in any pressure tactics whatsoever.
  • perunestperunest Posts: 42
    I don't understand why people post OTD prices. Since sales taxes vary from state to state it makes comparisons difficult. The same can be said for tags and title, although these are smaller charges. It would be better to give only the list price, including destination charges and options, along with the equivalent negotiated price. Tags and title should be listed separately to show the dealer is not inflating these charges to make up for a low negotiated price for the car.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Drove a '13 Altima tonight with cloth seats (my typical preference) and was impressed with the "zero gravity" seats from a comfort perspective Only back was soaked with sweat after a 20 minute test drive. I have cloth in my Pathfinder and never have an issue with "hot" seats (one reason I dislike leather) but I noticed the Altima seats really hug you closely. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this and/or maybe it was just a fluke? This model had the black seats and was sitting in the sun all day....I will be buying the tan interior regardless. Otherwise a nice driving car. Skeptical of a first year model....I drive 25k a year and really don't need teething issues...
  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 126
    I bought 2013 2.5 SV. So far I love this car. Hope the MPG's are good.
  • Just bought 2013 altima sedan 2.5s i really like it only have it 2weeks.Can someone tell me how accurate those gauges are as far as average mpg is.I am right now driving locally and i only had it couple but avg mileage it shows is not close to what epa rating.the best i seen by the gauges is around 20.5 but its around 19 now.are these gauges accurate or is it to early to get a good read on mileage.
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