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  • Where can I find information about this. I searched on the net and could not find any references. A friend of mine mentioned that he also heard this story on local news channel.
  • brdrbrdr Posts: 7
    I have a 1998 ML320 that has thru so many problems that I am just about to give up on it. Will love to trade this for Lexus or some other reliable brand. Anyway does the lawsuit cover 98 models as well.

  • I own a 1999 ML320 that have had a myriad of problems since the first minute I owned it (the alarm kept on going off for no reason after it was delivered (ended up that the dealer was not aware of the recall when I bought it)). I have had the stupid BAS light go on and had to pull off to take care of it... stupid stuff. But, we need to check into this class action suit on the FSS. There are too many different stories going around. The post said that 1999 owners will get a $3500 credit for future service (that makes sense since I called the service rep and he mentioned that 1999 owners had to pay for all service related to oil). But, I called Mercedes directly and they mentioned that all owners will receive a $35 coupon for future oil change. Big difference in amounts.
  • Just got my notification from MBUSA. I will quote relevant sections from cover letter and suit documents.

    "Dear Mercedes-Benz Owner or Lessee:

    In March, 2001, we wrote to inform you of our recommendation to use only certain pure synthetic motor oils in your 2000 or 2001 model year Mercedes-Benz vehicle equipped with FSS.


    After our March 2001 letter, a Mercedes-Benz owner filed a class action lawsuit claiming that the use of conventional oil could result in engine damage. In fact, a very small number of Mercedes-Benz owners have experienced oil sludge and fewer still experienced related engine damage from the earlier use of conventional motor oil, particularly when FSS service intervals were not carefully followed.

    ....Nonetheless, without admitting any wrongdoing, we have agreed to settle the class action in order to return our focus to providing our customers the exceptional ownership experience we know you expect when purchasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

    To demonstrate our commitment to superior performance and quality, we will cover your vehicle up to ten years from the date of first purchase or lease or 150,000 miles (whichever occurs first) under the terms of your existing warranty or any extended warranty you have purchased from MBUSA in the unlikely event of any future oil sludging or related engine damage in your vehicle from the earlier use of conventional, approved motor oil (API SH or S). MBUSA will also encourage its dealers to maintain their regular policy on loaner vehicles and other customer care benefits during any needed repairs. This coverage applies as long as you maintain your vehicle in accordance with our recommendations, including making the switch to approved pure synthetic motor oil as recommended in the March 23, 2001 letter. The specifics of this warranty coverage are outlined in the enclosed Notice of Class Action Settlement which we urge you to read carefully.


    You can rest assured that some of the world's best automotive engineers stand behind your Mercedes-Benz. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 1-800-367-6372.

    Mark Juron
    MBUSA General Manager
    Product Management
    Parts and Services"


    "TO: All persons throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. territories who at the time of Final Settlement approval own or lease a model year 1998,1999,2000 or 2001 (first purchased or leased before March 31, 2001) Mercedes-Benz vehicle equipped with the Flexible Service System ("FSS")(the "Settlement Class" or "Class")

    YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED of a class action lawsuit that is pending in this Court and which parties propose to settle on a class-wide basis on the terms set forth below.

    If approved by the Court, the proposed settlement ("Settlement") will offer to all members of the class warranty coverage for oil sludging and related engine damage which may result from the use of API SH or SJ conventional motor oil in 1998 through 201 model year FSS-equipped Mercedes-Benz vehicles first purchased or leased before March 31, 2001 ("Vehicles"). It will also provide for the distribution of Maintenance Service Certificates in the amount of $35 each to owners and lessees of 1998 and 1999 vehicles usable as credit toward future scheduled service at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer which includes an oil change (A or B Service). Owners and lessees of 2000 and 2001 vehicles are already covered for these expenses under the Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Commitment.

    If you are a member of the Settlement Class, you have the right to participate in the proposed Settlement. You may choose to exclude yourself from the Class. If you elect to exclude yourself from the Class, you will not receive all the benefits of the proposed Settlement.

    On August 7, 2002, the parties filed their proposed Global Class Action Settlement Agreement with the Court. By order dated August 12, 2002, and entered on August 14, 2002, the court conditionally certified the Class for settlement purposes only, approved this form of notice to the Class, and scheduled a hearing on the settlement for November 25, 2002.

    None of the actions taken by the court in connection with the issuance of this notice constitute an opinion of the court as to the validity or truth of any plaintiff's legal or factual allegations or of the positions taken by any party in this action.


    the details go on, but as this is a huge post, and effected owners will get notice, that is the bulk of it.
  • I have 01 ML 430 that just had it's 3rd set of rear brakes installed at the 26,000 mile mark. The dealer and MBUSA says that is normal wear. The fronts are at %80 and are original. They say the wear is tied to the anti-slip system that is activated under acceleration, which causes the rear break to pulse. My problem is that this system is continually functioning even when there is no tire slipping apparent. Does anyone have any thoughts or additional info on this problem.
  • Does this class action cover ML's purchased used from third party dealers. I purchased mine at a dealers auction.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Here is the plaintiff's lead counsels web site with the full details of the suit. Just click on Mercedes.

  • I found the info on this settlement very helpful and I immediatly contacted the Warranty people at MB USA to ask if owners of 1999-2001 ML 320's would be notified. The answer I got was no but that on regular service visits the dealer service staff would check for either engine damage or "sludging " and if this occured the warranty would be extended to 10 years or 150,000 miles . The "hooker" for me was when he said that this was the case only if the car was still under warranty whe the check was made.........and my warrranty expires this month......!!!
    I just got off the phone to my dealer service dept. and they didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about! They agreed to register my call on their records so that I don't get screwed when I take my car in next month when the warranty "JUST EXPIRED". SO I advise all 1999 Canadian owners to check their warranty expiry date and get hold of the dealer.
  • I was about to test drive a M-Class. After reading all the reports here, no-way. Thanks to all and thanks to Edmunds for this site.
  • she1122she1122 Posts: 33
    Two months ago, I bought a 2000 ML 430. It only had 19000 miles on it, so I still have about a year of Mercedes warranty left. I heard ( rumor ) that Mercedes offers a 100,000 mile extended warranty on the ML,if I apply for it before the car hits 25000 miles , but I can not verify that. Does any one know if this is true and where I would go to sign up?
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    I assume you bought this car from either a private party or a Non MB dealer, otherwise it would be Starmarked, giving you 5 years/100,000 miles.

    You may want to see if your local dealer will do that for you. Mine told me it would cost $900 to Starmark a truck and they would do it as a courtesy since i was going to use them for service ( I ended up buying one off their lot anyway so it was a moot point).

    Also if you scroll back you will that with the pending settlement offer on the class action suit, you may have 10 years 150,000 on the vehicle, but the details are not finalized and i have not received any word as to what the warranty covers (is it just power train, or is it comprehensive?).

    There are also some posts about warranties and the pricing on this board, do a quick search and maybe you'll be able to find them.

    Good luck
  • brdrbrdr Posts: 7
    I had the brakes replaced on my '98 ML320 3 times,
    all before 45000 miles. The dealer said the same thing, ie. it is normal wear and tear. It is mostly driven to work and back and to the mountains in winter time. Either way it is freeway driving, so this "normal wear and tear" just doesn't sound normal to me.
  • she1122she1122 Posts: 33
    Thank you for your advice. I just emailed MBUSA and inquired about an extended warranty. I will post what they have to say. You are right. I bought the 430 used from a high end used car dealer , but not a Mercedes dealer. I am very impressed with the existing warranty and the way the Mercedes service department treats me. I would like to keep that protection to 100,000 miles. By the way, I looked at a Starmarked 430 and they told me that it cost them 3500 dollars to Starmark a car. Interesting!
  • Unless you were the original purchaser of the ML AND it has less than 12,000 miles on it (and 1 year from in service date) you cannot purchase an MB extended warranty.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    I'd also check on the lawsuit info. If I'm not mistaken you will be covered under that. I'm still not clear on whether it only covers you for engine sludge related repairs, or if it extends the complete warranty... I have an insider checking on that and will report back when I know more.
  • sj9197sj9197 Posts: 3
    Can someone come forward and relate me their experiences with a 2002 ML500? Has there been any recalls, service problems, manufacturing problems, etc?

  • pooliopoolio Posts: 18
    Talked to MBUSA,and was told that only the engine pertaining to sludge build up is covered.If it is determained that it is the fault of MB,they will cover the engine only.Doesn't warrent enything else.
  • I need to replace the original DunLops on my 99 ML 320. Any suggestions ?
  • I have a 2000 ml 320. within the last two days, the BAS/ESP lamp came on twice.( also the ets/esp warning lamp) while driving between 30 and 50 mph.
    Instantiously the vehicle learched to on side, as if full brakes had been applied.I also heard a clunk sound. This lasted 1 - 3 seconds. The bas/esp light stayed on, the ets lamp went out.
    when you restart the vehicle the BAS/ESP lamp is out. Stopped to check for any problems, but found none.
    Iam scared to drive it. Any body with similar
    problems? or a good transporter to my dealer?
  • Try the Michelin LTX M+S 255 x 65 R16
    Great handling and milage
  • I have a MY02 ML320 with 6K on it. I really haven't had any problems with the truck. However, I've had to take it in several times for very small things - water leak into the turn signal lens, water leak into both rear lamps, torn seat fabric. The biggest problem I had was just a few weeks ago - I went to adjust the rear passenger side seat and its darn support piston mechanism fell apart. Part was ordered and was fixed several days later. It really depends on the dealer. In my case, I have nothing to complain 'cause I always get a MB for loaner and they treat me nice.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    Can't set the clock back one hour. Follow the owner's guide step by step. Just noticed that I can't check the engine oil level on the instrument too. Yes, did the following...
    1. open the driver side dooor
    2. press the left switch
    3. turn the key to I or II for oil level.

    Also, to set the clock...
    Pull the right knob and turn left for the hour and right for the minute.

    Nope, both didn't work. Is this a common problem on MLs? Mine is still under warrenty, but kindda afraid to let the shop to do such a delicate fix. I may end up with lots of rattles after putting in a new instrument panal.
  • wep2wep2 Posts: 6
    My 02 320 (7000 mi) has developed an annoying rattle in the rear seats. I have removed the lampshade cover & the floor plates that cover the storage, but it is neither. Any suggestions?
    Also, lots of condensation inside driver side headlamp, anybody w/same problem? Other than that I love it, except for the auto volume control on the stereo.
  • wradawrada Posts: 1
    The ABS and ETS lights on the dashboard came on during a long drive. I read the owner's manual and it says the ETS automatically disconnects (and the light comes on) when there is an ABS fault (which means the cruise control, which is on the same circuit, also goes out.) A couple of strange things have happened since: once the ML wouldn't shift out of first (I restarted the car and it worked fine) and a couple of times now the interior lights don't go out after the door has been closed for a few seconds. It seems like a voltage or relay problem rather than an ABS problem. I put in a new battery, but no change. Before I take it into the dealer (hate to do it, because it's out of warranty) does anyone have an idea what might be going on?
  • You have to use more force than you think you have to to change the clock. It works, but really crank on it.
  • I purchased a 2000 ML320 with 27000 miles on it last Nov. 2001. Since I've had this vehicle:
    1.The brakes have had to be replaced
    2. The power steering line has ruptured WHILE DRIVING
    3. The hatch back door wouldn't lock, resulting in it flying open while driving
    4. After the hatch was fixed, none of the doors would lock
    5. The BAS, ETS lights continually going on
    6. The CD player has had to be replaced
    7. A plastic panel on the drivers seat fell off and was replaced
    8.After backing out of a parking space, when you turn the steering wheel back into driving position, there is a very loud noise ( the car noise has drawn attention of pedestrians in parking lots) The MB dealership still can't figure this one out.
    9. Yesterday the brake warning light just came on

    With the newest warning light coming on, I had decided to try taking it to a MB dealer in a larger city to be fixed. I started having my doubts about the mechanics at our local dealer. But today I stumble onto this message forum and realize that lots of other owners are having the same problems!
    This car is fun to drive, comfortable on long trips, and handles great in the snow. I hate to get rid of it, but when my warranty expires I can't afford to repair this car.
  • My 2002 ML320 has 1700 miles. I have paint chips on both fenders, driver's side door and all over the hood, especially close to the windshield. What I'm about to tell you all is like a nightmare.

    When I first noticed these chips they were like water spots. These water spots slowly bubble up and crack open. I can see all the way to the metal now. Dealership claimed that only way to take care of this is to paint the hood (hood was the first place where paint started bubbling)and this will be covered under warranty. So I agreed for a hood paint job since this was my only choice. Car came back looking really good. 2-3 days later, believe or not the spots came back and eventually paint starting chipping again. This time on the fenders as well.

    Has anyone experienced this sort of a paint problem?

    Dealer says they have not seen anything like this before? I will post the rest of this nightmare under "Dealer & Service". You won't believe what I'm going through right now. Thanks to the Lemon Law, I'm pretty close to qualifying for it. I love the car, I HATE this dealership.

  • Oh, that should of been another mention on my previous post. My 2000 ML320 gets paint dings easier than my Ford Escort did. Now if I try to trade it in it will be a reduced trade-in because of all the paint problems.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    Thanks. I'll give it a try tomorrow morning.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    That's a common problem on the ML. As far as I understand, ML is the only MB that uses water based paint. The reason is the strict environment protection laws in the states. All other MBs made outside of the states have oil based paint. Water based paint won't last as long as oil based paint.
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