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My LS story...Buyer Beware!!

This is my LS story. I hope to educate those thinking about an LS purchase or those that have found what a headache it is to own one of these vehicles.

I had a 2001 LS. I bought it in 05 with about 80k miles on it for 11k. In 2008 with about 110k miles on it, the timing chain broke. I had no indication there was anything wrong with the engine. It ran smooth and one day I started it and put it in drive and bam! So anyways the timing chain was clanging around in my engine and it wrecked all the pistons inside the engine. This wasn't a cheap fix.

I had two choices:

1) Put a used engine in it with the same amount of miles with a one year waranty-$3500

2)Put a brand new engine in it with a 100k, 3 year warranty-$7000

I still owed 7k on my car loan and I couldn't really just get rid of it without a working engine. I felt I had to fix it because I didn't want to just dump the car and ruin my credit (lord knows that I thought about pushing it off a cliff at this point). So I put the new engine in because I only had 3 years left on my car loan, I figured at least I had the warranty to cover me for the remaining 3 years.

Everything that goes wrong with this car costs alot of money to fix. Lincoln LS are known for problems with the windows. There's been many times where I'd roll my windows down and the window would come lose from the clamp on the arm and come crashing into the door and wreck all the mechanical pieces. $400 bucks every time that happened. It happened 4 different times in 3 years of having that car.

The chrome covers on the lugnuts would rust and expand. I had to replace all 4 tires on this car, and i had to litterally get the lugnuts chopped off. The are dealership parts only and to the tune of $4 each lugnut you have to replace.

My husband eventually got laid off from his job and we had to file bk because we were in debt up to our eyeballs (a good portion of our debt came from repairing this car). So we let this car go. The week before the bank came to get this car, the door handle mechanics stopped working inside my driver side door. To get out of my car, I had to roll the window down and open the door from the outside.

I put over 11k into this car over 3 years in B.S. repairs (double the price the car costed me in the first place).
hope that anyone that reads this will think twice about buying one of these cars. If you do I hope you have bottomless pockets, because anything that needs to be repaired on this car will cost you dearly.


  • jen64jen64 Posts: 3
    I also have had nothing but problems with my LS. I have an 02 LS. I have dumped thousand into this car as well. I sill have the car - not by choice - but my credit sucks (also because my husband lost his job after the economy tanked) so if I wanted to get a new car I would be paying some sky high ridiculos intrest rate and they would do a 6 or 7 year loan. (YEAH OK - no thanks).
    So I have been forced to fix everything. I have had the car for 5 years now. Just made the last payment last month - I could go on and on about all the stuff I have fixed but I won't - we'd be here all day. I can tell you that anything and everything on this car is expensive to fix. And that NO BODY wants to work on these cars. - Yeah you can got o dealership and pay them about $100.00 an hour and ridiculos mark ups on the parts. I haven't had issues with my windows (knock on wood) but I have had several cylider misfires - which the car is a V8 so there is 8 coils that can go. Yeah I have replaced four of the eight. I currently have a cylinder #7 misfire - well to everyone that may not have know this - CYLINDER MISFIRES CAUSE YOUR CATALYTIC CONVERTERS TO CLOG UP! yeah nice to know that know - So now my cats are clogged up ( both of them) and I can't pass for emmissions. Yeah and you can only imagine what new cats cost for this car....over a grand. I bought the car with 98,000 miles - it now has 211,000. So yeah stuff is gonna go wrong I know that. The car sways - I have replaced the whold sway bar assy and links. After two months without heat (in winter in NH) I finally got someone to find out what was wrong and paid to fix - only after I had brought the car to THREE other mechanics and PAID to have my car diagnosed - what those mechanice told me was wrong - THAT WASN'T EVEN WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY HEAT! First I was told it was my "heater control valve" (400.00 part from ford) then I was told no it's your "blend door actuator" but there is FIVE actuators in this car so you have to find out which one is bad (a radiator specialilst shop told me that) to make a long sory short it ended up being my "dual coolant control valve" yeah cost me $435.00 to get my heat back plus the $200 I gave those morons to mis-diagnois my car. $435 was actually a deal because like EVERYTHING on this car it was A SIX HOUR pain in the a** job. Then when the mechanic got up in there another auxilary motor was shot - (there's a shocker) but I repaired it so I didn't have to buy a new one ($130). My Windshield wiper motor has been replaced THREE TIMES. And in reply to that lady's LS issues - My lugnuts suck too! I'm actaully on my second set of rims - because the set that came with the car got so de-laminated my tires were losing air. Yeah this car eats threw tires too. and it's had an alignment. The tread wear on the tire size for this car are all VERY LOW. (235/50/17 is the size tires) Of course all the normal wear and tear stuff (i.e. brakes, wheel bearings, etc I have all replaced) The controls in my steering wheel (radio and cruise controls) and horn have not worked in a few years - was told it's a "clock spring" and it's a hard job because you have to pull the steering column. Oh and my drivers side seat heater hasn't worked in a few years either - and it's not a fuse. I mean I could keep going on and on here but I won't. I believe Ford only made the LS for three or four years maybe five. The mechanic who ended up fixing my heat was actaully a service manager for Ford for 30 years and he told me the LS's are nightmares. (prob. why Ford stopped making them) and that when Ford bought Jaguar they actually used some of the Jag technology is the LS.
  • I'd love to add to this forum. I bought a 2000 LS V8 with 108k about 3 months ago. I drove it home and it ran good for about 2 weeks. It started out by blowing a headgasket. So I decided to sell it with a blown headgasket. Still ran good, it would just steam out of the coolant after 20 minutes or so. I had a guy come out to look at it tonight who was going to buy it and then it wouldn't start at all. Something with the fuel system. This car has been a constant headache, and would be somewhere around 4k to fix. I won't even bother, because it would just break again. I have driven this car a total of 100 miles. It's already scrap-yard material. I am thoroughly unimpressed- disgusted in fact. You can't find parts ANYWHERE, and they're extremely expensive. Nothing is an easy fix and everything breaks!!! If you are looking for a luxury car, DONT BUY AN LS. Yeah, they are sweet looking and ride awesome, but they aren't worth the hassle. I'm ready to use this car for target practice.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,062
    Yet we have LS owners with 100K, 150K, even 200K with only minor problems. You bought a bad used car.
  • I bought my 01 Lincoln ls V6 about a year an a half ago off a used car lot for $7,500. To this day I haven't had any real major issues with it just the normal things. I've not changed my spark plugs since I bought it. Too complicated to get to the left side of the engine plus spark plugs are still good after checking them. (double platinum) I've changed the alternator but that's probably because of the system I have in it that wore it out. This car since the day i bought it has not stopped. It's been a daily driver for me to and from work about half an hour both ways all highway. I've got minor problems that I've been meaning to get to just haven't done for financial reasons. One is when i start the car everything runs fine on the dashboard I get the "D5". once i get to a stoplight an go to accelerate it gives like a pump an after everything is fine. an the dashboard "D5" now changes to an "E". All around this car has been very good to me. It still turns heads after I give it a good wash an good coat of wax.
  • mustaa been made on a friday or a monday, or yeah they were just beaten by there previous owners, my 2000 LS is goin on 250 000 klickks with only minor routine maintnence, i loove it
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