Acura ILX

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Coming soon to an Acura dealer near you soon!

Talk about the ILX here.


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    Said to be coming this Spring, here's the offical ILX page on Acura's web site:

    And here's an article from MotorTrend with pictures from the Detroit auto show: lx/
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    A reporter is hoping to interview car-shoppers under 34 years old to learn whether they are interested in the new "near-premium" offerings from Acura, Audi, Buick and Lexus. Thanks for responding to [email protected] by Thursday, March 29, 2012 with your daytime contact info and a sense of whether you think those vehicles are well-suited to you and your peers.
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    Went to the local Acura dealership to test drive the new ILX. Small car based on the Honda Civic. Nice interior with a decent exterior design. The car drove "ok". But with only 150 hp, the car is slow in comparsion to it rivals. The other issue I have with the ILX is the cost. The car that I drove with the 150 hp had the Tech package and had a sticker of $32500.00. Who would pay this amount for a glorified Civic? There are so many other cars including the Acura TSX that are much better values the the ILX. You can even get a Honda Accord V6 loaded for under $30K. I think that Acura should have priced the car in the $25K range. In that case, it would have been a steal.
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    I agree with acurafan13....but I really like the way the ILX looks compared to the TSX (and better gas mileage is nice too). My "smart" part knows the TSX is the better choice - especially since there are deals to be had. But my emotional side just loves the way the ILX looks.

    That being said, I think it's about $3-$4K overpriced. I'm looking to buy in about 6 months. Will that be long enough for Acura to have a real feel for how well the car is doing? If it's not meeting expectations, would there be a chance for incentives to bring it down by a couple of thousand?

    I'm interested in the automatic (not hybrid) 2.0 with tech package. The MSRP (with destination) is $32,295. Invoice (with destination) is $30,438 and Edmunds lists TMV (with destination) as $31,674. I'd want it for $30K MAX (including destination) which is a smidge below the invoice. Honestly speaking - should I probably not get my hopes up that it could be swung in 6 months for that price or is it a realistic possibility?
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    The ILX appeared to me to be a replacement for the former TSX which was in my opinion, a better car than the current TSX. My daughter has an '07 tsx with auto and it's a little gem in all aspects. I do like the ILX with the 2.4 but it should have the option of a 6 speed auto, preferably a dsg type set-up. Then at the price point for the 6-sp manual, it would have more merit. The 150 hp engine shouldn't even been in the line-up. It should either be the hybrid or the 2.4, that's all. With the exception of the MDX, belive Acura has really lost it's way since '08 with either styling, offerings or both.
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    Is the 2.4 worth $7000 more than the Civis SI to get the leather and a normal dash instead of the crappy two-tiered thing in the Civic?

    I would pay to get those two items, but not if it means getting a softer old-man suspension, and I certainly wouldn't pay 7 grand extra.

    I agree with the other poster that the 2.0 shouldn't even be part of the lineup. Then the 2.4 could sell for about $26K, which is what it's worth over the Civic SI (and even then it will get dusted by lots of other cars that cost about $26K, including its supposed competition from Buick), and the only other model would be the hybrid, which should be a more powerful hybrid that still gets to a combined 40 mpg.

    Sadly, Honda doesn't have a hybrid powertrain that is technically advanced enough for that, and the 2.4 is waaay overpriced. For $1000 more, you can get a TSX with the same powertrain and better handling and steering, not to mention a nicer interior.

    When the TSX goes away, as it is rumored to be doing in the next year or two, the ILX at least won't seem redundant. Still underwhelming and overpriced? Yes, but not redundant. ;-)

    Edit....forgot to mention, was at the auto show last weekend, and the ILX was the only model in the Acura area that had a presenter with a microphone, talking up its strong points. The whole time I was at the show, the ILX was the only model I saw where the presenter couldn't get a single person interested enough to stop and listen to its merits.....

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    Left Lane News included the ILX on its list of the 10 worst cars you can buy. It appears the buying public agrees with this assessment since the car is selling way below sales expectations. Looks like another poorly executed Honda/Acura product. Maybe it Acura needs to do an emergency refresh like the Civic.
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    Finally drove a base model on Friday and was very's to pricey for what you get and not much different than my '06 Civic. Loved the sunroof and the leatherette seating surfaces but the audio wasn't anything to crow about though the backup camera is a nice option to have. No way i'd spend what they wanted on a psuedo putting lipstick on a pig...ya know it's just a pig, only prettier! They only have the silver/black and the white/black in the base models here in South Florida as I prefer the dark gray color. Truthfully, the Verano is a nice driving vehicle and more bang for the buck...excellent seats also and a cheaper vehicle. Which will hold up better is anyone's guess right now as the domestics have come a long way and their quality is just as good...if not better on certain vehicles.
    No, the ILX has been taken off the short list because the competition is just plain better. Now I'm talking about the base models here so the Tech version might just be a much better vehicle but since I don't want...or need all that stuff, I didn't even look at one as it'll probably drive the same. i know the one with the 2.4 engine is a different animal but again, I am not interested in that version.

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    I would never buy the acura ilx for more than $24,500 - it's not worth more than that in my opinion. That MSRP really needs to come down or they should give the 2015 a better engine....if they even continue to make the ILX.

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    Just wanted to make a comment. I just leased an ILX. Here are my impressions on the car. I compare it to my new 2014 Honda Accord...yes I know they are not in the same class of car...but hear me out. My Accord was in the 28K bracket... the ILX was listing at over 32K...I think the handling, noise level and poise of the Acura is better ...but the Accord is a better value for the dollar.. better tech... more features per dollar.. more advance stereo...touch screen, lumbar, etc.

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