The emissions light keeps turning on in Ford Taurus wagon

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The emissions light in my 2001 Ford Taurus Wagon turned on in September. We took the car to AutoZone to have the code read. The AutoZone guy said it looked like it was a vacuum leak. My son replaced all the vacuum hoses that looked worn and made sure all were hooked up. He also replaced the fuel filter, the air filter, changed the oil and the oil filter. The light would turn off, and then turn on again a few days later after each new replacement.
Finally, in desperation, we took the car to the shop. They found one hose that was in the back that needed to be replaced. The light finally turned off. We were just ready to take the car for its annual safety and emissions check, and the light turned on again!
We took it back to the shop. It turned out that the hose disconnected itself. The mechanic connected the hose. The car passed the safety and emissions check and we were good to go. That was a month ago.
The light just turned on again. This is getting ridiculous! What could be causing the light to keep turning on? Is this a normal problem for a 2001 Taurus or what? Other than this irritating problem, the Taurus is a great car.


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    I am having the same recurring emissions light problem that you had with your Taurus. Did you get it resolved? If so, how? Thanks!
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    check engine light turn on and off,on ,off :sick:
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