Ford ranger 2000 engine swap

vulchevulche Member Posts: 1
hi i have swapped my engine for an identical engine in my ford ranger (2000 xreg - 2000 w reg) and it will crank but not start! i have then tryed swapping the ecu and complete ignition barrel and it still wont go seems to be an imobiliser problem!


  • jreichert391jreichert391 Member Posts: 1
    not sure if your still looking for advice but try removing the cam sensor
  • clutch56clutch56 Member Posts: 1
    I am anticipating buying a 2000 Ford Ranger as a restoration project. The engine is bad in this vehicle. I have an engine from a 1998 Ford Ranger available to me. Are the engines/electrical systems in these two vehicles campatible or will I have to do some modifications.
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