2012 Elantra Limited Sound System

mweathersmweathers Member Posts: 15
Surprised there isn't a forum about this, so I added it. How do you like the sound system upgrade in the limited model. I like mine but wonder where the amp is? Also, why is most of the sound from the front speakers? Is there an easy way to add a subwoofer? I have mine set at 2 up from center on both bass and mid bass and 3 DOWN on treble (from center), with the fader 2 toward the back. I also leave my auto volume turned on. This gives me pretty good sound, but I'm used to having more control and getting better sound. How do you have yours set and do you like the system? (I listen to CD mostly, and ipod right after that. XM sounds just okay...and FM is pretty bad).


  • eweinereweiner Member Posts: 36
    I have the upgraded sound and its better but...

    It does not get loud enough for road noise (35 max volume). Also, speed based sound is useless and not programmable as it is on many other cars.

    If there is an AMP, id like to know where it is to see if I can upgrade it.
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    That's the only thing I don't like about my car.

    The sound system.

    The auto-volume feature on and off sound the same. You can't adjust the sensitivity, or even bump the volume higher than 35. Is there a magical button I haven't pressed to bump the volume louder?
  • mweathersmweathers Member Posts: 15
    I must be missing something here. My system is PLENTY loud. (I have the top of the line system in my Limited). I usually listen to music at around 11-15 volume. I do leave the auto volume on. It does make a difference over a speed of around 40 mph. I still would like to add a subwoofer. Anyone know where the external amp is? I still haven't found it. There is something under the passenger seat, but I don't think that is the amp.

    I'm also disappointed in the sound quality of the system. Plus I have an issue playing CD's. Almost every CD I play cuts the last 30 seconds or so off the last track and starts the CD over. I know all players start the CD over, but they play the entire last track. I can go back to the last track afte this happens and it plays all the way thru. Any suggestions to get rid of this issue other than swapping out the player. Wonder if the reset button would work......The service center at my dealer is CLUELESS about this.

    I also have an issue with my phone, which is blu toothed connected. When car was brand new, it would import my contacts. But not any longer. It never does. Any suggestions?
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    The stereo in my wife's '12 Limited also seems to be fine for volume, but like you her CD player has an issue. A different issue. It seems like it has virtually no anti-shock protection and CDs, even unscratched new ones, skip far more than I would expect. It is rather annoying. I've told her to just put her music on a thumb drive as an alternative but so far she hasn't bothered.

    I've no idea where the amp is. The places that come to mind are the trunk, under a seat, and in the dash under the head unit. Perhaps someone can see if the service manual is available at hmaservice.com to see if it details where the amp is located.

    For your Bluetooth problem, have you tried deleting the phone & re-pairing it? Personally I prefer my Mitsu's BT setup where you manually import contacts. I have lots of contacts but their details rarely change so there's no reason - in my case - to re-sync the contact list every time I drive.
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  • eweinereweiner Member Posts: 36
    The Amplifier is part of the tech package's better stereo. It is in the trunk behind the right side panel.
  • mweathersmweathers Member Posts: 15
    Well, tonight I have a whole new issue. I can't stream music from my phone through the sound system any longer! Never had that issue before. (I have deleted the phone and pared again, but it didn't work). I also had the Nav system think I was putting in a route, saying to proceed to the starting point and the route would begin. But I didn't input a route! I'm thinking of resetting the entire system by using a paper clip to engage the reset button. Hope that takes care of the issue and doesn't make it worse! I'll post the results.
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