Mazda RX-8 cold weather issues

maelstrom1maelstrom1 Member Posts: 1
recently picked up an 'oh 4' - ''eight'', 73,000 miles, paid ten five (nice),
sunshine silver, (thanks timmie from hagerstown that bought it new, i'll nurture it to infinity!!)),
runnin great, no issues, that concerns me... what are they this time of year? burns only a small ammount of oil, starts every time, quiet, smooth, cool... i pack a quart of 5 w, syn, is that ok in winter?, falken up front, dunlop to the rear.... move out timmie... yes sir says he, no problems yet on rain ... ?? what about spark plugs, how often, what ones, do it yourself? what about flat out changing the oil? how often w/ syn.... filters an issue? what other near term maintenance issue should i focus on in light of this car humming along in a trance with me? i don't want to miss something & hurt ''my timmie''!
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