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unintended movement of front headrests

The front headrests on my 1 month old 2011 Corolla S do not stay down but rather gradually ride up as I drive. It seems that the locking mechanism is not working. Is this what "active headrests" are supposed to do? I'm waiting for the 5000 mi. service to bring this up with the dealer. Any similar experiences?


  • Ditto for me. Just like you, 2011 Corolla S, almost one month and noticed the same thing. I agree that this must be part of the " active headrests". There have been times that I'm adjusting myself in my seat, like when looking back when I'm backing up and they move up to the first detent position.
  • Just returned from the dealer. the service manager seemed strumped by the problem. We both went into the showroom to check the headrests on a new Corolla. Same problem ensued. The headrests could be easily pulled up but the locking button had to be pushed in to make them go down. He said that he'll contact Toyota and get a definitive answer for me with 24 hrs. i think that this is a more pervasive problem than we are aware of.
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