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Cruise control

I have a '97 Caravan. The cruise Control, horn and everything else that operates off of the steering shell do not work. Does anyone have any idea as to the nature of the problem & whether or not it is worth fixing? Thanks


  • You need a new part in the steering wheel called a clockspring. Any Dealer will immediately recognize the symptoms and there was a recall back in 1998. I'm pretty sure the 1997 models are covered for life for free replacement. Check with a reputable Dealer.

  • titortitor Posts: 1
    it could be the clockspring but it could also be the actual cruis control switches. You'd have to remove and test.
  • ltrottierltrottier Posts: 3
    edited March 2012
    1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE

    A few days ago, the cruise control was working fine.

    A couple days ago, I would turn the Cruise on, the light came on fine, but I was having intermittent trouble setting the speed. When I was successful at setting the speed, a short time down the road, the cruise control would stop working (but the light for it stayed on). Sometimes, pressing resume got it going again, sometimes not.

    Today, the Cruise light won't even come on. The horn works fine and the airbag light goes off after starting the vehicle.

    What do I do and where do I start?
  • ltrottierltrottier Posts: 3
    edited March 2012
    With Air Bags and such, how do you remove the steering wheel cover to get inside to check the controls? Is it even advisable or possible not being a mechanic. And would this be only a last resort?
  • mehustlermehustler Posts: 1
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  • ltrottier,
    I'm having the same cruise control issues with my 06 Caravan. Goes on, then off.
    I see you posted about this in March.
    Have you figured it out yet?
    Good luck!
  • No, unfortunately, I haven't.... however, I can say that, for some reason, it has gotten better with the change of the serpentine belt... maybe some slippage? Causing the computer to not read the electrical messages right? I don't know..
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