VW/ EOS Extended Warrantee ?

claymore1claymore1 Member Posts: 21
I have a 2009 EOS with about 35000 miles. I plan to keep the car at least another 5 years. Any suggestions regarding Extended warrantee coverage? I have to make sure the convertible top mechanism is covered as well as electrical.
For those of you keeping your EOS for a while, which warrantee (if any) are you using for extended coverage?
I do have a good relationship with my dealer here in southern California but I am on a budget.
Please, I'd like ned to know what price range if fair for reasonable coverage.


  • zekesonzekeson Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    Yes most definetly if you can afford it get it. I have 64,000 0n mine and it's like every 6 mos. or less a check engine light comes on. This is my 2nd eos. I had a 2007 (first year) that I actually pulled the lemon law with for leaks in the A pillars and a malfunctioning retractable roof. and got the 2009. Sorry I could not afford to do it and I expected much better quality from VW. signed Disappointed .I will not get another vw thowe I was a big fan of the air cooled models but thats a totally diferant animal.
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    Zekeson I have been having the exact same problems with my 2007 eos with about the same miles. How did you go about filing your lemon law case? Anything would help. Thanks.
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