Miata 2007 or RX-8 2009

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Our 1991 Miata is getting long in the tooth (as am I). A dealer here in Florida has a 2007 Miata and a 2009 RX-8, both Red each around $19K (too high, but the RX-8 base is more realistic price according to Edmunds)

Any car I buy will go back to Buffalo, NY in the spring, but will rarely (if ever) be driven once the snow flies. It will replace the Miata as the family Fun car, but be a frequent driver for my wife. I might keep the miata since a 1991 can be insured cheap, but then the Forester has to live in the driveway. Had the miata 10 years the forester 2 yrs.

I should probably not be asking on a Miata board which is better but there are some enthusiasts who love both. We were in the Buffalo-Niagara Miata club and there were a few RX-8 lovers.

I could also use a referral to a good mechanic in teh Fort Myers area to check out any car I consider


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    I like both, drove them back-to-back at Zoom Zoom Live a few years ago, but the RX8 takes commitment to own, so think about it carefully.

    Miata will likely be a far more care-free ownership experience.

    I love how the rotary revs and it was quick and fun around the autocross course they set up. The back seat is useful for little kids, too.

    Still, call me chicken but I'd go with the safe choice - Miata. It's still fun, and quick enough to have me paranoid about all the speed cams here in DC.
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    If the extra commitment for the RX-8 just means frequent oil checks, regular maintenance and watching for over heating I can live with that. IF it means a new engine every 30K that there's a problem.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I think if you perform the former, the latter would not be an issue.
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    >> I think if you perform the former, the latter would not be an issue.

    Yea, but how do I know if a used (20K) car has been treated well? I can ask for records, but did they top off the oil when needed?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Good point.

    At a minimum I would replace all fluids to get a baseline.
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    How does replacing all fluids tell you the history of service and care?
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    It doesn't, the point is to establish a baseline from which to work from now on.

    I bought a used NA Miata, 8 years old, and the previous owner even had receipts for the 30k service. Well, they missed the rear differential fluid. It came out looking like melted chocolate (it should be a thick, yellow oil).

    So even with receipts as proof, it doesn't mean corners were not cut.
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    I see. That makes sense. You may feel your shop is reliable but never know about the shop the prior owner used. I have had a few, but very few experiences where the shop I have used to 20 years messed something up. They always took care of it if I knew, but who knows about the one's I didn't know.

    I suppose the answer, if you are able, is to check your own fluid levels even after a service.
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