1999 ram 1500 shaking violently

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Ok, so i have a 99 ram 15oo 2wd 5.2l that i picked up last night for cheap. only problem is when i am between about 35-55mph and with light to medium pedal pressure the whole truck begins to shudder violently. now if i give it gas or let off it will stop. also, it won't do it in 2nd gear at all. tires are brand new and even had them re-balanced yesterday. I caan feel a little vibration at all times but the speeds and low rpm i mentioned above it is BAD. I feel like it is the drive shaft but would like some opinions before i go out and replace it. and help would be appriciated.

I would like to add that it is not something I can really feel in the steering wheel, rather the entire truck from underneath. I know the kid I bought it from used off road alot as the tranny pan is modeartely beat up from hitting rocks and such.


  • blueeyesme66blueeyesme66 Member Posts: 3
    My suggestion is to check Universal joints and front end. You can shake them to see if they are loose. Same goes with the front end, to see if there is slack in anything. Jack it up and check the tie rods, ball joints, UV, etc.. Sounds like this kid ragged it out good.
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    Check the driveshaft carrier bearing first. By what your describing this is probably the culprit especially if it was ran hard. Don't worry if it's bad you'll easily notice it as you'll be able to move the driveshaft up and down. If it's not this then it has to be the U joints or, your driveshaft has thrown a balance weight.

    Hope this helps.
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    I agree with darth venom. First suspect is carrier bearing. Jack stand are cheap. Put it on jack stand and have someone operate till you see. Be safe. Could be bent drive shaft.
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