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2012 Buick Regal

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,000
New discussion for this model year of the Regal.


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  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 52
    Does anyone know when the automatic will hit the showrooms?
  • bls13bls13 Posts: 3
    Just leased a 2012 Turbo Premium II. I found out that the HK Surround has to be turned on every time the car is started. Also thought I was going to have Pandora. Disappointed on both.
  • Can U describe your driving experience and the gas mileage U R getting?
  • bls13bls13 Posts: 3
    It drives smooth as silk. It holds the road well and I don't feel every bump in the road like the SUV I got rid of. I have only done local driving so far. I just picked it up Friday so I don't have enough info to determine gas mileage. I do see the fuel gauge going down - a little scary since I haven't gone too far.
  • I went to a local dealership here in Long Island NY. I wasn't able to drive the car because it was sold, However, I was able to start the GS and the engine was loud. It was 9:30AM on Sunday so the engine was cold but still it was loud. How about your car? Is it loud
  • bls13bls13 Posts: 3
    My car is not loud. As a matter of fact, the salesman got in on the passenger's side after I had started it and he didn't think it was running!
  • Maybe it was too cold and the salesman didn't want to mess around with car because it was sold.
  • Not sure when they hit showrooms, but just announced that the automatics will be available on 2013 models.
  • Pandora is available with Intellilink. Unfortunately that feature is just now becoming available. I'm looking for a GS with Intellilink and the closest one is 250 miles away.
  • whittonmwhittonm Posts: 30
    Just picked it up yesterday. Seems like a great car so far. Watching the fuel mileage indicator to see how high it goes. :)
  • whittonmwhittonm Posts: 30
    Now up to 25 mpg in mostly city driving. :)
  • whittonmwhittonm Posts: 30
    Now up to 27 mpg. About 65% city driving, 35% highway. The car seems to be getting better mileage now that it is broken in. :)
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