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For all you "old timers" (like Jimmy), you know this part number by heart, but all you newer folks should go to your local BMW parts department and ask for part number 82 11 9 413 967. For not much money, you will get a very nicely made chrome tailpipe finisher that taps on with a rubber mallet and really makes the back of the car look great. Legal disclaimer - this part fits the 2000 ZX3 tailpipe perfectly, but I've not checked the 2001 cars to see if Ford changed the rear muffler (I'd be surprised if they did).


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    I've added a chrome tip to my Z. I bought it at a local parts store for $6.99. It is a 2-1/4x9" tip. I had to cut it down and re-tap the screw holes. I positioned it so the screws are on top of the exhaust pipe out of sight. The tip really completes the back of the car, Ford could have put one on for about $2.00 a pop, but thats asking too much.

    I've also added the HyperWhite bulbs ( Those really dress up the front of the car and give it a more european look. When I first put them in, they were BLUE!!! I was quite angry. But I left them in and now they give off a super white light, just like the Mercedes and BMW's do.
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    Another worthwhile mod to consider is ditching your factory brake pads for a non-metallic aftermarket set like the Kevlar pads available from EBC. Known as "Green Stuff", these pads will give you quiet, clean brakes, and will significantly out-perform the stock pads in hard driving situations thanks to their Kevlar composition. EBC also offers gas slotted and dimpled high quality replacement brake rotors too.
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    I just got a new 2001 ZX3 a few day ago..I LOVE IT !!!!

    I keep seeing aftermarket superchargers for this car. Has anyone installed one?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    I was driving to work the other morning and saw a CD silver ZX3 with silver-reflective windows. Anyone else seen these or know what the window treatment is or how to get it? It looked really sweet and although I'm driving a twilight blue, I would love to get it for my ZX3. Do you think it might be like the tints (which if you go too dark are illegal)? Liverpool, NY police are eager beavers in the ticket department and I'd hate to get a ticket for windows being non-compliant with NYS law.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Well, My 2001 ZX3 is CD Silver, and my windows are sort of "silvery" under really bright sunlight. However, you are probably talking about "mirror" tinting. Instead of being black, it looks mirrored from the outside. Any professional tining place can do this HOWEVER depending on where you live, it may not be legal. I live in NJ, and you can only have a certain "degree" of tint...basically it can only be very light and you still have to be able to see through it from the outside. Mirror tint is not legal here. Check into that before you do it, the ticket here in NJ for "illegal" tinting carry a very heavy fine..

    by the way, anyone have any news for me on the supercharger yet (see above 2 messages)

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    Vic, except for a few hardcore crazies, I'd guess not many folks on a ZX3 budget are going to want to shell out another $3K+ for one of Oscar Jackson's supercharger kits. Personally, I'd be wary of doing a mod like this without carefully upgrading the rest of the drivetrain and brakes - and now you are talking A LOT of money. I would also be careful about listening too closely to anyone who wants to sell you one of these set ups - hasn't Sport Compact Car mag done a test on this kit?
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    Hey, Silver....I haven't read anything on it yet. I too am very wary of doing this, that's why I was asking. I'd like to talk to someone who has actually done the modification to their Zx3 and see how the car performs, and if it blew up or not...HAHAHA. Being that my car is new (I just picked it up on April 4), I probably would not do anyting other than the air intake and MAYBE the SuperChip. Both of these things can easily be swapped back out if needed (SHHHH don't tell Ford).

    I wouldn't exactly say that I'm a "hardcore crazy", BUT....I LOVE THIS CAR !!!! If I'm still this happy with it after a year or so, I wouldn't think twice about spending the money.....or maybe get the SVT instead. I would have waited for the SVT, but I had to trade my old car in before it fell apart. (it was a 99 KIA Sephia, don't ask, I still don't know why I bought that car).

    Anyway, thanks for your opinion......and if you happen to actually get your hands on any printed reviews of the kit, let me know..........


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    I'm looking to get a "high-performance" air intake for my zx3. I can't decide which one to get though. Has anyone installed one or know anything about which ones outperform others? I was especially curious about the FocusSport cold-air intake. Thanks for any information or any links where i can find some.
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    Try ordered a pair of
    window "rain-guards" from them and they have LOTS of products.....I suggest any cold-air intake that uses a K & N Filter...they are the best!
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    There is a list of aftermarket retailers, and prices on Which also has a good How-To Library with diagrams, photos, and video clips for several mod projects.
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    I'm interested in replacing all the black plastic trim (rocker, body side, mirrors) on my x3 w/ the newer body coloured trim offered on the SVT. Any idea if these are available from Ford yet or of the cost? TIA
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    I've got noise coming from the right rear of my ZXe. It sounds like a board is slapping on the floor of the hatch back when I hit even a small bump. I've taken out the rear cover, still noise. Help.

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    Anyone here have a "LeBra" mask on their Focus?
    I bought one and I'm having trouble putting it on the car.
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    I'm gonna get a zx3 sometime soon with a automatic transmission and would like to modify it for longer life by putting in a transmission cooler. Does anybody out there know what kind of modifications are available for a auto tranny focus?
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    i bought new speakers for the focus, since i blew the stock ones, and was wondering how the hell you would take the speaker grill off of this. If anyone knows how to install new speakers in the focus, please reply and tell me how. I would appreciate it. Thanks
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    Sorry to report that you have to remove the whole Door inner trim panel as the speakers grill is part of them. The Haynes repair manual for the Ford Focus has details on the procedure (not terribly complicated).
    Door inner trim panel - removal and installation is in section 11-10 and
     Speaker - removal and installation is in section 12-25
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    Anyone know if you can reprogram the ZX3 speedometer?
    I understand some speedometers have capability of reprogramming. My car came with 15" and I am getting 17"
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    are they available for FOCUS sedan, how much trouble to install if so ?
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    If you look at my posting of about 2 months ago on the sedan discussion ( odometer errors ) I claim that the Foci with 16 inch rims are under reading by as much as 5%. However I just looked at the specifications for overall diameters and revolutions per mile on 15, 16 and 17 inch rim and tire sets ( Pirelli ) the differences are negligible. So I need a new theory here. Maybe all odometers on these cars are in error. This could cost us all money in speeding tickets if one is to extrapolate from an under reporting odometer, will also mean an under report of actual speed on the road.
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    I have a 2003 Ford Focus ZTS. I replaced the head unit with a Pioneer DEH-P5500MP, 22w * 4 RMS. I also replaced the 4 speakers with Infinity Kappa 572.5cf 5x7.

    If I want to upgrade this system, should I get a subwoofer, or should I get an external amp to drive the main speakers?

    I would like to spend no more than $500. I am more interested in clean sound at moderate volumes, than in very loud volume.
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    I recently bought a 2002 Focus wagon with AM/FM/Cassette, and I'd like to upgrade to a AM/FM/CD (MP3 would be nice, too). Can anyone suggest an upgrade? Also, does anyone know where I can find out what OEM systems will work for my car? I've seen the Blaupunkt in 2003 Foci; will it fit a 2002 Focus?

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    Go to and you will be able to see exactly what aftermarket systems will fit in your Focus' dash.
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    They sure are! Not too much trouble to install. We got an '04 ZTS a month ago - now it has 2000+ miles on it (here in Texas it's REALLY HOT so we have to keep moving). Ford says it's not available, but if you look up an '03, Purolator lists a filter. I got it at Pep Boys for $11.99. The plenum (just below the windshield) splits in two about halfway across. Pull up the seal that butts up against the hood when it is closed. Now there are 3 clips along the front of the plenum grille that need to be carefully unclipped. Once that's done the grille lifts up and out from the fender side end. Beneath that is the intake. Remove the plastic frame on the top of the intake that has the 1/4 holes and discard. The filter element sits down inside the remaining plastic box. Replace the grille and seal strip and you are good to go for 15K mi. Happy Motoring!
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    I have a Passat that has a sunscreen in the rear window. It rolls down like a window blind. I would like one for my '04 Focus ZTS. Has anyone ever seen such a beast? I have looked all over. Thanks from Sunny Texas (HOT!!!).
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    Thank-you for your input.
    Coincidentely a bunch of service coupons came from my dealer this week. For the first time there was one for a "cabin filter inspection" Under this special they will charge me $5.00. That sounds just about right, keeping in mind the procedures which you outlined. BTW, what kind of a filter are we talking about here, a simple screen or a HEPA type material. ? I'm up here in Northern NY alot of allergens. I do not need to run the A/C that often except on hot days when traveling on the highways. the 2.3 motor handles the extra load of A/C very well.
    So far about 8000 miles on car. No Problems. I think that the promotional people at FORD do not know how to market this car. In my view, the promotional material should emphasize somthing to the effect that the Focus is made "for an environmentalist who (secretely) loves to drive."
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    The filter element is not like the fiberglass filter in you homes' heater/AC system. This is more like a pleated "paper" element, 'tho I would imagine it's more "plastic" than "paper" - perhaps polyester.
    Don't look for any benefit to your allergy condition - except less dust (no charcoal/no HEPA ). Actually a whole lot less dust, since our '04 2.3 PZEV came w/o the filter - just a large ( about 1/4 inch ) screen to keep out varmints like mouses.
    We don't fell badly about driving this car here in Texas ( about 60mi/day ), it is A LOT "cleaner" than most anything you see in the DFW area ( SUVS, pick 'em ups, mommy vans ). Also, when we need to merge, or "heaven-forbid" pass, we just step down and let it rip. We don't pass much, since we try for great mileage ($1.669 gas) by driving 60mph. We get passed by everyone else like we are sitting still. We just leave earlier and it's allright.
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    is just what it says - inspection, and upon inspection they'll suggest that you should purchase the airfilter and will charge you in the area of 40$ for it, plus the 5$ inspection charge. I sugest you buy air filter on the web, or in pep boys, for about 10$ and install it yourself. Probably a good idea to change it out about every 6-10 months, mine got dusty in about 8 months and started to block the airflow (or so it seems). With those frequent changes (the part is cheap from the web) you'll save a lot of money relative to dealer, or even fast service Lube places (35$ a pop there). You can do it at fast places first time, to observe whats involved in the procedure, doubt dealer lets you be present during any repairs.
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    Hi Alyosha 73,
       Just how important is the cabin air filter? Many of us drive with the windows open, and the filter is bypassed. The impression I got from the parts-counter person is that Ford may remove the filter and not bother replacing it. The thinking being that it is better to have an unobstructed air flow than a dirty clogged filter that hasn't been changed in 5 years.
       I changed one on my son's car, but I had trouble replacing the gasket on the bottom of the windshield. I have yet to replace the cabin air filter on my 2001 focus. The air still seems to come through the vents unobstructed.
            Thank-you for your helpful message.
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  • embaemba Member Posts: 2
    Antenna to long cant fit under garage door doesnt telescope strange cant back out without catching ?
  • 3screwsloose3screwsloose Member Posts: 116
    Rarely do I hear complaints of some items being too long. Have you considered a bigger house? Maybe if you let the air out of the tires. How about opening the door a little farther? Hmmmm.

    I guess there is the much shorter alternative aftermarket antenna mast available nationwide as well as at that certin online auction website. Don't know the radio reception will be affected 'tho with a MUCH shorter mast than intended. I guess time will tell. Maybe if you catch the mast enough times it will break off at the dotted line.
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    is there any way i could hook up a sub into the 2002 svt focus without changing the radio (6cd), i dont mind splicing wires, and why does the stock sub have an inpit of six wires? got to love factory :) any help would help
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    Hi. I just bought a new 05 Focus 4 door, S model. It has a nice but standard 1 disc am/Fm radio. I has an AUX button on the front, and I'm wondering how I can use this? Where is the input? The owners guide doesn't say anything about this. I have Sirius radio and I'd like to plug it in if it has RCA jacks under there, but I don't necessarily want to pull the dash apart to find out. Thanks, Allen.
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    This hurts as I have been driving Fords exclusively since 1982. However, I have less than 2200 miles on my new Focus SX4 ST and the CD player has failed. I was playing MP3 files when it spit out the CD with an error code of "Bad CD." Subsequently, every CD that I try to load, even commercially available music CD's get rejected as "Bad."

    It is a recurring problem as documented here and elsewhere. My dealer said that they would have to send the unit out for repair or replacement - will take three weeks. I called Ford customer service and was told that they could not help. It is a new car, I am a loyal Ford customer, and it is their premium "audiophile" unit. Am I being unreasonable to think that three weeks is too long to wait - hell, the car is barely three weeks old. I would have hoped for more from Ford. Apparently, loyalty to the company is a fool's game. If Mr. Ford is serious about turning his ailing company around, customer service and product accountability will need improvement.
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    The supplier of the audio systems has had them on back-order due to the high number of defects as listed in TSB 05-10-19 that affects not only Focus, but also Fivehundreds, Freestyles, Mustangs and F-150s. I just had mine replaced in the Freestyle and it took 3 weeks to get the radio in from the supplier. Although it is in a Ford product and they have responsibility to replace it the problem lies with the manufacturer of the radio, NOT Ford. A little patience and then everything will be ok.
  • tdi guytdi guy Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the info - much more than I got from Ford. My son has a 2003 Focus with the audiophile head and is on his second replacement after only 25,000 miles. Can I assume my replacement will be free of defects, or will I receive another unit likely to fail? I have had Ford products ranging from my current Focus to a Lincoln and have a sense of brand loyalty. Of course, it helps that my brother-in-law just retired after 33 years at Ford and my father was an engineer there. Nevertheless, it's frustrating to get the run-around when all you want is some information. Thanks for taking time to point me in the right direction.
  • cmunizcmuniz Member Posts: 604
    My new radio/CD changer seems to be working ok, but it's too early to tell since previous problems seemed random. I'll be able to tell after a long trip this weekend. My daughter and her husband both work for Ford in Dearborn and I currently drive a Freestyle and thinking about trading in a Subaru for a Focus for my wife.
  • tdi guytdi guy Member Posts: 17
    Good luck with the new unit. I took my Focus to the dealer Wednesday as there is a small paint problem that they are fixing. I suggested they leave the old radio and order a new one - swapping the two when the new one arrives. The service manager said he couldn't do it - that Ford would not allow it. I then pulled out the TSB with affected build dates and specific problems outlined. After a lot of huffying and puffying, he agreed to order a new radio - although said they may be on back order. If so, he would have to pull the unit for repair. I pick up the car this afternoon and will find out if there is a hole in my dash.

    I'm not sure why this has to be such a struggle. In fairness to Ford, this has been a dealership issue. Like you, I have many family ties to Ford and am thankful for all of the A-plan purchases I have been able to make. I may be moving back to Michigan soon. If so, maybe I'll have better luck finding a reliable dealer.
  • nycb4enycb4e Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my new Focus. I've been waiting over 3 weeks for a replacement. Ford customer service is a joke. They admit having a problem with the vendor yet failed to do anything about it... they can't even give me an estimated time for repair. I told them "dealing with ford is like dealing with a gov't agency.. everything is outsourced with no accountability... will never buy another ford".
    BTW, after 4k miles driven only get 24mpg... not the sticked claimed 27-32

    Mad as hell. Sorry I have nothing positive to offer.
  • tdi guytdi guy Member Posts: 17
    I finally prevailed with the dealer - they have ordered a replacement while leaving my defective unit in the dash. Clearly, Ford/the dealer could have handled this better. I had to work much to0 hard to get the dealer to honor the warranty and Ford customer service seemed incapable of helping. That aside, I like the car. It is fun to drive and I am happy with the mileage. I just got 26 mpg for my last tank, and had my foot in it for much of it. On a recent extended trip, got 31.5 mpg for a tank when I had the cruise control set at 75 mph most of the way with several elevation changes. What the hell...I paid $15,500 for this thing and don't expect it to perform as a Lincoln. Other than the CD player, it has been just fine so far.
  • tdi guytdi guy Member Posts: 17
    How is your new radio/cd changer workin? Six weeks after ordering a replacement, I finally went to my dealer for an update. Turns out the replacement has been sitting on a shelf - don't know how long it has been there. They were going to install it today, but discovered that they had the wrong radio. Couldn't get them to tell me if they ordered the wrong radio, or if the manufacturer was at fault. Regardless, now I'm back at the end of the line. Glad you had better luck. So far, I'm not impressed with Ford or my dealer. Otherwise, the car has been fine. Just got 33 mpg on a tank yesterday.
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    I bought a 2005 Ford Focus zx4 this past August, have just now put my 3000th mile on it, and today while driving away from the bank, the cd player spit out my disc, it has since then refused to accept any discs I try to put in. The rest of the entertainment system works just fine, but I rarely use my radio, I saw several other comments along this line and I was wondereing how long it should take to get it fixed/ replaced or whatever they do? :cry:
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    I have the exact same question. I have a 06 xr5 ses with the single cd and mp3 option. I have possed it to my dealer with no answer yet. I did remove the tray under the heater controls, it just pops out and felt a multi pin style plug on the back of my radio. I think this would be the input but I can not tell what type of plug it is yet. If you find anything out I'd like to know

    Thanks, Tim
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    maybe crutchfield can help you. i hope that works for new posts too. :blush:
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
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    I have a nice 2004 Ford Focus Zx3, and I have been very happy with this car. I took it to Bandimere today, and I had loads of fun. My stock 2.0L 16v Zetech was running low 18 to high 17 quarters.(high Colorado altitude) Not bad for a very inexperienced dragger. I know this is more of a rally style car, but I think it can keep up with the civics and crxs out there with some mods. I have been looking a lot at Focus Sport and have found almost every mod I can do to it. Im looking at doing a little at a time starting with the air intake. Im thinking of putting in the FocusSport™ 2.0L & 2.3L Duratec Cool-Flo Race™ Air Intake System. Do you think this would do me better than the K&N 69 Series Typhoon Kit/ Short Ram?
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    I recently bought a new 06 ZX5 and absolutely love it! However, I wanted to start modifying the car, beginning with lowering it, but recently I was told that there are not yet kits available for the 06. Someone else had said that they only had kits available for the sedan and not the ZX5. Now, the car is new to me, but I noticed on the specs that the suspension and length of the frames are the same in the sedan, ZX3, and ZX5's SES models. Does it make a difference what model it is?
    Hopefully this can be answered for me.
    I know the next question is a little vague, but what other modifications can be done to the new 06's that anyone might know.
    Thanks in advance!
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    I have a 2002 4 door sedan. Plain old Twilight Blue LX model. I am looking for plates to cover the paint between the grab handle of the door and the door itself. Peoples' fingernails have scuffed up that area and the dark paint really shows it. I found some chrome "bowls" on Ebay. - - - 2&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1
    I was wondering if anyone has seen any in a black plastic like the handles.
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    I had the same question. Try this website for a complete answer."Ford Focus Radi- o%20Aux%20button%22
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    I just bought my 03' zx5 last week and nothing has gone wrong until today.

    When i got out of my car the radio was still playing even after i had taken the key out of the ignition.I tried turning it off but none of the buttons will work now. I couldn't even turn the volume down.When i was driving back to work the sound finally shut off but the radio was still on!I let my car sit for a few minutes and went back out to check on it, finally it was off.When i checked to see if the car would still start the radio at frist wouldn't come on,but when i pushed the on/off button it came on for just a second before freezing up again. Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on? :sick:
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