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2012 Odyssey EX-L Add Nav

johnny_moppjohnny_mopp Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Honda
We recently purchased a 2012 Odyssey. My wife chose not to get the Nav because she read bad reviews. She's now changed her mind. So, is it possible to add factory nav to the EX-L? We'd prefer it to be integrated with the built-in screen and controls.



  • Is there a way to display Estimated Arival Time (ETA) instead of Estimated Travel Time, which is what the Odyssey Navigation seems to display? Yes I can do the math, but with: road delays, average speed changes, etc it is much easier to use a ETA.
  • When a route is selected, how does the Navigation system show the traffic condition on the route display? The Garmin GPS shows the delay in the route, and for each traffic condition , does the Odyssey Nav show this?
  • Before buying my recent 2013 Ody, I did some research on the EXL Navi and EXL RES and finally picked up just EXL. One guy in our buyers group made a valid point. RES comes expensive and also kid needs to keep his/head high (like you watch the arrival display in the airport) all the way. Also the RES is attached to the vehicle. If you give an iPad to your kid, its least expensive(two kids, just $600+) and also you can use these beyond the vehicle. (I got more than one vehicle, we can use these iPads in any vehicle). The same argument goes for navigation sys too.. a good GPS can be used for more than just one vehicle spending good $120 for a garmin
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