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Lincoln LS Parts Car

I have a 2000 Lincoln LS V8. It is a complete car. Blown Headgasket. Everything else pretty much is good. Would there be any interest for parts if I parted it out? Everything is pretty clean. Tranny, Air conditioner, wheels, Diff, Axels, Steering, Brakes, Computer, Audio system, interior, all panels etc. Its all here. What parts would you want or need? Orlando Fl. area.


  • I would be interested in parts but I live in Georgia so would you be willing to ship? Send me a list of parts and prices also if you want to just sell the whole car how much?
  • Do u still have the heater control valve, and if so how much for it
  • Hi, in the orlando area and also have the same exact car that I'm working on --pain in [non-permissible content removed], but how much for wheel hub bearings and side markers on front bumper ..can come to you with own mechanic. Thanks
  • Hey, guys. I ended up selling the entire car for about $1000. Was so tired of messing with it. It was the worst car I've ever owned. Sorry, and hope you guys find your parts!
  • how much do you want to get rid of the engine a tranny for?
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